awesome weekend

awesome weekend

I haven’t celebrated Labor Day in forever… But this was an abolsutely amazing weekend. I felt like God just picked me up and said, “See? You can get through this.” :-) It started on Friday. I came home from the art building kinda bummed and lonely, and found my apartment-mate Kezia still here. We sat down and started talking, and had a great conversation. I’d never really talked to her before, but I discovered that she is a solid girl. I was amazed at her faith and she made me want to go pick up my Bible and seek God. It was very enjoyable.

Saturday I went tubing with Gerig Hall. I had an absolute blast; I wasn’t sure at first because I didn’t feel well but I’m so glad I went. Great conversations floating down the river, and a great time with Joanna, Josh, and Kristen afterwards. I felt so comfortable with everyone, and again I just wanted to praise God for blessing me with these friendships.

Sunday I went to church with Kristen and Karis, and it was good to get back to my church in Muncie. The pastor’s sermon was very good and touched on something I’m passionate about. It was all about being a servant, and the importance Jesus puts on serving others and not seeing yourself as greater than the master (Jesus – who sat down and washed his disciple’s feet). I’d never really thought of it that way before, and it just reminded me of how we wash the feet of the freshmen every year, and I’m so thankful for that tradition. Isn’t God amazing? He didn’t just tell us something, but was an example Himself.

Sunday afternoon Tree came to visit. What a wonderful time! We talked all afternoon, and then we decided to make cookies for dessert. Frankie, Joanna H., Sopeak, and Zay all came over for dinner on Sunday night, and we had such a great time. Frankie grilled chicken and we made green bean casserole and hard boiled eggs and of course cookies. Mmmm! We talked for most of the evening, and told stories and laughed – it was simply delightful.

Tree stayed the night, and we did masks and talked and encouraged each other. It was fun to have my old roomie back! After we got up this morning, we ate breakfast and talked over mugs of hot tea. Then we decided to go on a walk only to find ourselves in the midst of a parade through downtown Upland! It was great fun; we caught candy being thrown and we each got a plastic beaded necklaces. We watched the parade, and then walked back to my apartment. The rest of the day we hung out together and with other Gerigians, playing cards and talking.

After dinner, I headed down to Indy and visited Beth Z. since today is her birthday. :-) We had a great time catching up, and I enjoyed seeing her new (spacious!) apartment and the consuming the refreshments that were provided (ice cream cake!). ;-) I had such a great evening with her; and then on the way back it seemed like all my favorite songs were playing on the radio. I felt like God was just reminding me of His love, that He would provide the necessary friendships that I need to get through! It’s wonderful, and it just makes me want to praise Him so much more!

My only sad thing about this weekend was missing Paul. I did miss him terribly. Even though I had a great weekend without him, I still would so much rather have him here! I talked him online again Sunday night, and I was soooo encouraged. I had gotten a letter from him earlier that day, and I was so scared that he had written to say I was a mistake in his life or something along those lines. But he didn’t say that at all; the letter was encouraging to me, and he’s doing okay and things are looking hopeful. That made my day last night and today, and I’ve been walking on air about that despite the fact that I miss him so much! I can’t wait for the day when we can be together again, and just knowing that he’s looking to God right now and being able to see how God is working in both of us just makes that day seem so much more realistic!

Thank You, Jesus. :-)

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