friday night in the art building

friday night in the art building

I’m sure everyone is jealous; isn’t the art building where everyone wants to spend their Friday nights?? Surely I’m not the only one. I do know that i AM the only one in my apartment who’s not going home this weekend. So i get a nice four-man Fairlane apartment to myself. But if you’re worried about me being lonely, don’t worry. Cuz i’m here in the art building. :-)

But yes. My senior show opens three weeks from today. I’ve decided to keep the original date, September 24th. So I know I have a crazy three weeks ahead. I have a lot of stuff on paper; I just need to transfer it to the computer. And then print everything. That’s where the fun begins, really. I didn’t work all summer at a print shop to not learn that something ALWAYS goes wrong in trying to print. So yeah. I think if I can finish my designs this week, then I should be good – 2 weeks to print and mount. Maybe it’s not enough time, but it’ll have to do.

I had forgotten how cold the art building gets. Brr… Why is no one online? I want to talk to someone.

Other than my show, life is going along fine. I have developed a cold, which is fun of course. Tomorrow I’m going tubing with Gerig Hall. Sunday Tree is coming to visit, and Monday is Beth Z.’s birthday and I’m visiting her. In the meantime I need to sort out my mixed up feelings regarding my ex-fiance. I’m pretty confused right now and I need to sort everything out. (I’ll stop here before I get too confusing and depressing)

Bah, I’ve hardly started working and I’m already ready to go home. Brr it’s cold in here. How much do I have to finish tonight?

By the way, I think my newest word is “bah”. It’s a cool word. My word this summer was “snazzy”. That’s a cool word too.

Okay, ta-ta for now… Maybe I’ll write later when I’m done with the art building… Or if my internet decides to work again at the apartment. (Which would be good.) Yes. :-)

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