save tonight

save tonight

Last night, Eagle Eye Cherry’s song “Save Tonight” was going through my head. And before I knew it, it was morning… And I was waving goodbye to Paul as he drove off… And once again we are apart. I think the day he leaves is one of the worst, because right now I just want him here again. But I did enjoy my two week visit with him. It seemed much longer than two weeks, which is so nice.

We discovered a restaurant last Saturday that I highly recommend. It’s called Chipotle and it’s a Mexican burrito place which serves in a style similar to Subway. (I also highly recommend visiting their website – with your sound on – it has pretty good design. :-)) Paul, the offical Mexican of our family, declared it delicious. The people were friendly, joking around with us as we got our order, the food was good, and the atmosphere was clean and nice. Afterwards, my parents, Paul, and I went to Lake Eola which is a gorgeous lake near downtown Orlando. There is lots of wildlife, and we enjoyed walking around. After it got dark and the bugs got the best of us, we hopped in the convertible and cruised around Orlando some more. I love spending time with my parents and Paul.

Yesterday I gave Paul his graduation gift. After seeing how much care and concern he showed over Tot (his goldfish from last spring semester), I decided to get him a new fish. We went to the pet store and looked around at all the different animals. He decided against getting another fish because of the cost and maintenance of an aquarium, as well as the difficulty in transportation (since he could be moving soon whenever he finds a job). Therefore, after much thought, he picked out a hermit crab, which he named Jake. Jake settled happily in the little aquarium/cage thingy we got him, only to be disrupted again this morning when Paul buckled him (or, rather, the cage) into the passenger seat to prepare for the 2-day trip north. I wish I could have gotten to know Jake better, but hopefully in 8 months we’ll be living under the same roof.

So this week has been busy. Monday was the first day of school for many kids around Orlando, and that has reminded me how the summer is coming to a close. It makes me sad. I’m excited about moving into our apartment… the girls and I have been emailing back and forth quite a bit trying to get logistics out of the way. This weekend I’m going up to Atlanta for a wedding of an old friend of mine, which should be fun. The best news is that my parents are going to try and fix the air conditioning in my car before I drive up! Hooray! :-) My sister also comes home from Colorado this weekend. Her schooling for this year is still up in the air… You can pray for that. Next week, my practicum advisor, Dr. Adkison, is coming to visit. That should be fun and hopefully he agrees that the work I’ve done this summer will satisfy Taylor’s internship requirements (I’m not worried). The week after that is my last week of work. I then have two papers to write as well as lots of loose ends to tie up. I’m not sure when I’m leaving yet to go back to Indiana, because I’d like to spend a few days with Joanna in Indy if she’s not busy… (how does that sound to you, Joanna?) And before I go, I need to finish making all the bouquets, boutenniers (I know I’m spelling it wrong), and corsages for the wedding. Whew, lots to do!

And what am I doing right now? Blogging. Yup, I’m good at talking about my busy life, but not as good about making it un-busy (as in: getting things done). :-)

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