Here we are, end of October

Here we are, end of October

A conversation with a friend tonight made me visit my neglected website. Well, hello there! It’s been a while. I updated everything and made it nice and shiny again. Hopefully I will be back. :-)

A lot has happened in the past year. I can’t believe we’re already heading into the holiday season.

We sold our house and moved this summer! We’re still in metro Atlanta, just in a different area with better schools and more affordable housing. So that’s been an adventure. I really want to update my house blog about the selling process and final pictures, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Moving to a new area has been an adjustment for me, moreso than I expected. I am still homeschooling the girls, for now, but am grateful that our public school is an option should I need it. (I didn’t feel it was an option at our last house.) The last two years we lived there, I worked really hard to make it a home – not just the house but the whole area. About a year ago, I was approached and asked to run for city council. It pained me to say no! I really loved the city where we lived and am heartbroken to leave. But, our house was small for our family (especially since we were home ALL the time due to homeschooling) and we wanted space for my parents to come stay a month or two at a time. That area was built up in the 60s and in general the houses are on the small side. The ones that aren’t are very expensive. The house we ended up buying would probably have been twice the cost in our old city! So, I’m happy with our new house and the promise of a new community. We’re firmly in the suburbs now (we straddled the line before), so that’s taken a bit of getting used to. Last week someone tried to complain about the traffic here and I shut that down, ha.

I have been forcing myself to be extroverted in order to meet new friends who live close to me. It’s exhausting! I joined a Christmas choir which has been really wonderful. I have a few local moms events that I’d like to try; hopefully one of them will turn into something. I haven’t found a homeschooling group that fit my needs and desires yet, so we’ll see about that.

We adopted two kittens last week, bringing our cat-to-kid ratio to 1:1. (I mean, that is the most important thing, right?) I had forgotten how active kittens are! Our older cat, Sophie, is still adjusting.

Well this blog post turned into me just rambling, but at least it’s out there and I don’t have to think about it. I blog so infrequently now that I think each post needs to be a masterful composition. But I certainly don’t have time (or talent ;-) ) to craft something fantastic, so I just never write. Which isn’t good. So here is something lukewarm and ice-breaker-y. For all my three readers. I love you guys. ;-)

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