2017: Goals and Resolutions

2017: Goals and Resolutions

I like having the reminder to sit back, reevaluate your life, and have some sort of beginning to encourage you to start anew. The holidays can get crazy and I usually am craving a reset after it is over. I feel like resolutions seem so cliché, but whatever. I’m gonna continue making them. I found achieving my goal to read a certain number of books last year was really empowering, and I’d like to focus this year on having achievable goals like that. So, here is my attempt! 

1. Continue reading

I want to try to maintain my 24 books a year pace, since I think that was doable for me. I’d like to challenge myself to read some authors that I’ve never read before;  Agatha Christie and Jane Austin (gasp! I know!) are two on that list.

2. Write more

I’m not talking about Facebook posts here. I’d like to challenge myself to write more thoughtful content this year. IT doesn’t matter the medium – blog? Journal? Just as long as I’m writing. 

3. Be creative

And specifically, by doing something that uses my hands and is not on a screen. I might try to learn crochet this year. Or maybe I’ll find something else. Perhaps start sewing again? Or cross-stitch? In 2016 I did like one project only, so it shouldn’t be too hard to do “more” of this. ;-)

4. Build healthy habits

With this, I am referring to eating and exercising specifically. I want to end 2017 with some healthy habits in place that I’m not doing now. Making wise food choices. Finding a more consistent exercise routine. I have some baby steps in mind, but I won’t share since I don’t want unsolicited opinions. :-) (I know there is a huge range of opinions on what is healthy and good. I find that all those differing perspectives just make me shut down and do nothing.)

5. Make wise choices financially

I guess this one will be hard to quantify, unless I just celebrate every wise choice. But we are giving YNAB a try again, after several attempts to get in the habit last year failed. This time, I made Paul watch some videos with me and I think that’s going to help keep us on the same page. Of course, we’re one day in and I haven’t written down my purchases yet so… 

I hope these are achievable and a way for me to challenge myself instead of the same old resolutions I have every year. I might revisit them with some specific goals/milestones later.

Happy New Year to my 3 remaining readers! ;-) Thank you for not giving up on me, ha!

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