Purpose and goal update

Purpose and goal update

I’ve been thinking about what I want from writing in this blog.

I think I’ve moved beyond the desire to have a daily record of what I am doing. It was nice at the time, but now feels tedious. So I think I’ll move on from that. I am thinking of using this space more as a place to share what’s on my mind. The problem with that is I don’t usually get a chance to fully flesh out my deep thoughts… so you’ll have to bear with me and not nitpick. ;-)

I’d also like a place to record my own personal growth, and specifically the goals I posted a few days ago.

So, we’ll see how twentysixcats develops. :-)


As for the goals…

I’ve been doing my quiet time every day! I’m proud of myself.

I haven’t started any books yet. I hope to have energy to go to the library tomorrow and renew my card (I got an email a few weeks ago that I needed to do that). I want to pick up a book while I’m there.

I have not been feeling well due to oral surgery a week ago. So, I have been giving myself a break in regards to housework and being present with the kids. I need to make sure I don’t turn it into an excuse, though.

Need to find the journal I got for my birthday and start writing!

I signed up for YNAB again and started working on our budget. Then I got very depressed, ha. We’re going to have a really tough few months while we undo bad habits and also recover from some unexpected expenses  (mostly related to my teeth). Gotta keep with it, though.

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