What I’ve been up to

What I’ve been up to

I feel in some ways like I’m visiting an old friend. It’s been so long! So much to catch up on! Looking through my posts, I realize it’s been 2 or 3 years since I blogged regularly.

Let’s see. Back then, I was a very active volunteer with Atlanta Birth Center. I moved away from that and together with a friend started a group called Georgia Moms for Better Birth. We started out as a pregnancy/birth support group with an online forum and in person meetings, and we have since moved to a Facebook group (and no meetings, due to lack of attendance). It’s grown a lot! And we have some great conversations. My vision isn’t quite reached, but I’m pleased with where it is now.

I started homeschooling Savannah, which has been an adventure. Last year was rough with the new baby arriving in September, but this year we’ve really been getting into it and enjoying ourselves. I have so much to learn still, about the best process for both her and me, but I think we’re getting there. Caroline is in preschool this year to give me a chance to focus on Savannah, but I plan to bring her home next school year for Pre-K.

Last (school) year, we were part of a homeschool co-op with some friends, and I got to teach art. We learned about the elements of art, some famous artists and styles, and played around with lots of different mediums. It was a lot of fun and I loved putting together the curriculum for it. What I didn’t love as much was the actual teaching part – ha! But perhaps I’ll revisit in the future to make some extra money (art classes for homeschoolers). Like I said, last year was rough and I knew I needed to take some stuff off my plate, which is why we are no longer part of the co-op.

I found the transition from two kids to three was really hard. I’m finally over the hump, but for the first 7 or 8 months I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. I have noticed as my friends have kids, often with the third one is when they “disappear”, and I can see why. I miss who I used to be, but hopefully I’ll get back to the person who’s able to keep her head on straight. ;-) And perhaps along the way I’ve changed for the better too…

I mentioned in my Christmas letter about our house… that has taken up a lot of my energy, especially this past fall. I do plan to go into detail here on the blog later about that. We are in the process of packing up our Christmas stuff and then I’ll take some after pictures and post all the fun details.

I’m trying to think of what I do in my free time, and I’m realizing I am so very busy these days with motherhood and housekeeping. I do spend a lot of time watching Netflix in the evenings. I am still active in our church and our weekly Bible study. I am trying to make new friends with other homeschooling moms, but it’s hard to make friends at this stage in life, I think! We still travel some, but we haven’t been camping as frequently as we used to. We’ll have to remedy that next summer. ;-)

Well this post sounded much more interesting when I was writing it in my head than how it reads now… but I think I’ll leave it for the benefit of all 3 of my readers. ;-)

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