behind the name

behind the name

We actually had a hard time picking a name for our third girl. We debated a lot of names, but didn’t settle on any particular one when she arrived a month early. She was nameless for the first day or two. My concern about Elizabeth was that it was too popular (being in the top 10 for the past 50 years or so), but we ultimately decided it was the one we liked best, it went really well with our other girls’ names, and it had a lot of meaning to us.

Meaning: Derived from the Hebrew elÄ«sheba’ (God is my oath). The name is borne in the Bible by a kinswoman of the Virgin Mary and mother of John the Baptist. (from this site)

I have always loved the name Elizabeth, since I was a little girl. I have also been blessed to have two dear friends who also share the name (though both of them go by Beth).

I first met Beth my freshman year of college, when we lived in the same dorm. I probably met her playing Mafia one evening. We got to be close friends when she became my suitemate the next year. I was going through pictures to find one to share and really enjoyed the walk through memory lane! Beth was always one for good times and laughs, but she’s also a great friend for the serious times too. She’s always been there for me, even when we’ve been at different places in life. She has supported me through some really dark times and some really happy times. I can say that Beth is the reason I kept up with breastfeeding at the very beginning when Savannah was born and it was so hard. Watching her grow as a mom has shaped who I am as a parent I am today, and I’m so grateful. I look forward to growing old together, and I hope our friendship still remains strong. She is a wonderful person to share a name with my daughter. :-) (Also, Beth, we really have very few pictures of us two together – we need to remedy that!)

My other friend Beth actually spells her name “Elisabeth” but I can forgive her for that. ;-) I met Beth almost 20 years ago (!!!) when our moms decided we should spend the night together during Thanksgiving break when we were in 7th grade. Beth and I have been close ever since, even though after that year we haven’t ever lived in the same place again. We’ve always been able to pick up our friendship right where we left off, even if months went by without us talking. I think we are even closer now. I know that if I ever needed anything, Beth would always be there for me. I love spending time with her. I love who she is, her compassion and her calm and gentle spirit. I love seeing her get excited about things, and I love the things she gets excited about. I love all the things we’ve shared and that kind of deep friendship that you only get with someone you’ve known for almost two decades? I feel lucky to have her, as most missionary kids don’t get to keep best friends that long. I think Elizabeth will be happy to share her name with such an amazing woman.

And of course, as an extra bonus, Elisabeth Sladen is the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith, companion to the third and fourth doctors in Doctor Who. :-)


I love the name Rose, and wanted to use it (or a variation) either as a first or middle name.

And of course, the main reason I wanted to use the name Rose… Rose is the first companion I was introduced to when I started watching Doctor Who, so she holds a special place in my heart for that. I love her character and I’m excited that I get to use her beautiful name as my daughter’s middle name.

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  1. I love the name. Though, I was rooting for Sarah Jayne, it would have played homage to two fandoms :). I love my new little niece though and I am so excited she is here.

  2. Sarah Jayne! That is an awesome combination that I never considered. :-) Though I probably wouldn’t have gone with it due to my desire to keep with the 3 syllable name. (Which I ended up with 4 syllables anyway, heh.) Paul really wanted Inara as a name. I wanted Amelia Rose but was a little concerned with how fast it was rising in popularity. We considered Amelia as a middle name, but it was just too long with most of the first names we liked. We also considered Amy. :-) And Melody (since we already have a River), but that had the same length problem as Amelia. Ultimately, though, I like the name Rose the best.

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