in which I realized I didn’t blog for an entire month

in which I realized I didn’t blog for an entire month

Tonight I realized that my last post was in October, and now it is an hour and a half into December. I don’t think I’ve gone an entire month without blogging before, and it makes me sad. Of course, seeing this neglected blog always makes me sad, but despite promises I haven’t seem to find a rhythm in my schedule that encourages me to blog.

So, it’s December! We just got back from Orlando yesterday, where we spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family. It was a lovely trip, though a bit cold. I had checked the weather before we left, and it promised several 80 degree days, but those were not to be. Of course, returning to Atlanta was even colder but at least we have winter clothes here. :-)

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now the year is wrapping up – I can’t believe it. Christmas is always my favorite season! Last year, I decided to start a new tradition of wrapping up Christmas books and opening one every night. Savannah loved it, but here we are again and I just realized I haven’t wrapped the books yet. At this point, I am not inclined to do so either… I’m thinking of just placing them in a basket. ;-) I don’t have 25 actually – only 16 I think – so I need to order a few more as part of their Christmas present this year.

Savannah is 4 this year, and as she gets older it’s fun to share more and more of the holiday with her. I hope she loves it as much as I do. Advent starts tomorrow (later today), happily coincidentally December 1st. I’ve been pinning a bunch of ideas but haven’t decided yet. I struggle with being tired and lazy, having a desire to do all the traditions but when it actually comes to it I am not up for it. When I look back, I regret not taking the time… so hopefully I can plan out exactly what I want without overwhelming myself.

And now, as I close, a few recent pictures. Savannah is now 4 and Caroline is 16 months. I can’t believe how fast they grow!

The girls

Caroline and Savannah

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