25 Days of Christmas Books

25 Days of Christmas Books

This year (and hopefully every year going forward), we are reading a Christmas book each day in December. I did a lot of searching to pick the best 25 books, and I chose them according to what I wanted for our family. I am including a few others at the end of this list that didn’t make my final cut, in case you prefer them to the ones I’ve chosen.

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Nativity Stories

History/Culture Stories

Classic Stories

Spirit/Meaning of Christmas Stories



Other Books

Your family’s list will probably look different from our family’s list! Here are some other books you may want to consider instead of ones listed above.

8 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas Books

  1. Another great Christmas book is Santa and the Christ Child. It’s about Santa going to see baby Jesus and asking for help delivering presents because he broke his leg. Santa then returns and bows at the manger. It shows that even Santa knows who his boss is and why he does what he does. My parents always told us that we could talk to Santa about what we wanted for Christmas, but he was always gonna ask Jesus about it first. So we knew that even though Santa was the one who delivered the presents, the giver was always Jesus. This made it less devastating for us when we found out the truth.

    1. Oh good suggestion! We don’t do Santa here, so I tried not to do too many Santa books, but that would be great for a family looking for more Santa books!

  2. Where did you get all of your books? I have a few from last year, but I really got a lot this year at Half Price Books in their clearance section. That part was great! My library has some but mostly secular.

    1. I haven’t bought too many yet. I got one for a penny off Amazon, and another at Barnes & Noble with a gift card. And I own 3 or 4 already. I’ll check out Half Price Books! I would love to find something where I can get several at deep discounts and pay just once for shipping.

  3. This looks like a great list! I haven’t thought that far ahead about Christmas this year, so I may borrow heavily from your suggestions. ;-) I want to do the Jesse Tree this year as well, so I may see if I can fit in both. Maddie loves new books so I think this would be a big hit.

    1. We’re going to do the book reading in the morning, and the advent stuff in the evenings when Paul is home. In an ideal world, that would allow us to have time to do the craft (we’re probably not going to do crafts this year because I’m just not that together!).

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