a question

a question

One of the things that people mentioned wanting to read on my blog was posts about our house. I actually took down my house blog because I was feeling a bit unsafe. I miss writing about things, though.

I was wondering… If I made the posts about our house viewable to registered users only, would you be willing to make a username/password for my website? I know it’s annoying to have yet another username/password to keep track of… But if I could control who is viewing these posts then I would feel a little bit better about writing them. (These would just be posts on my twentysixcats.com blog, interspersed with the rest of the posts that will be viewable by everyone.)

I am not sure the posts would come in through something like Google Reader… you might have to manually check my site to see them. A pain, I know. But, if y’all are wanting it then I’ll go ahead and look into the capabilities of user registration and make sure it will give me the level of privacy I’m wanting. I might use the feature to blog about other things too that I’m more hesitant to post publicly.

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  1. I am not sure I can handle another username/password. (Please don’t take it personally!)

    What about just password protecting posts and making the password “obvious” to those who know you, like your college’s name or one of the girls’ middle name or something?

  2. I would definitely would. Especially when posting pictures of your girls and your house. I heard recently that child molesters will often use blogs to find their next victims.

  3. No offense, Jen. :-) I totally understand. I would be hesitant too.

    I think I’m going to do it though. The difference is that there will be some posts that those who are logged in will see, but the majority of my posts will be here. The alternative is just not writing those posts, so really in the end it doesn’t make any difference.

    1. I will use my Facebook or Google account to log into your blog, so feel free to set it up and send me the info! :) (In your spare time, of course….)

  4. Long time reader, but shy commenter. :) I loved following your house blog and I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t find the link!! I’d definitely sign up to read.

    1. Yeah I kinda abruptly took it down. ;-) Sorry about that! I need to ask Paul how to set up a login. I keep forgetting except when he’s not here! I will post here when it’s ready. Actually you can make an account, but if you’re wanting to sign up with your Facebook or Google account, you’ll have to wait until I get that set up.


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