Today was very tiring!

There was a big baby-related Expo here in Atlanta, and Arlanta Birth Center had a vendor table there. I went to help represent the birth center, and talk to people more about what a birth center is, why we need one, and how they can help. This isn’t my first tabling event (one of the things that’s been keeping me busy lately, and contributing to my blog silence), but it was the biggest one for me so far.

I’m so worn out! Being somewhat shy and enough of an introvert, things like this really take a toll on me. I think it’s overall good, though, and am glad for the opportunity.

One of the hard parts for me right now is standing for long periods of time, so when I got home I told Paul I just needed to sit for a while. Savannah has been really into Duplos lately so she built things for me while I sat on the couch with my laptop.

Later in the evening, Paul and I went on a walk with Savannah which was nice. After returning home, we sat on the front stoop while she played in the yard. I’m thrilled that she’s learning to entertain herself outside with rocks and leaves and sticks. She was having a blast. I had to run inside to use the restroom, and when I came back out she and Paul were pretending to be airplanes. Darkness was falling, and it reminded me of days in my childhood when we’d play outside in the summer until it was dark.

So that was my Saturday, an uninteresting blog post but, well, an update nonetheless!

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