events and sickness

events and sickness

I’ve been very busy around here, especially this past week. Last Saturday was the busiest day ever for Atlantans I think – I am pretty sure that everyone who could have hosted an event did. We were no exception – along with some of the other volunteers, we pulled off a consignment sale. It was fun, but exhausting at the same time. I had the fun task of coordinating the consigners and recording all the consigned items into a spreadsheet. We made more money than we expected (this was sort of an experiment to see if a consignment sale was a good fundraiser), so that was happy.

Sunday morning, Savannah woke up vomiting, so we skipped church and had fun dealing with sheet and clothing changes. It only lasted over a four hour span, and then she seemed to be fine… We spoon-fed her Gatorade mixed with water for the rest of the day, which she liked. However, when we tried to give her Jello and chicken broth, per doctor’s orders, she refused and wanted her goldfish instead. We compromised on toast.

Wow two paragraphs into this post and I’ve already finished the two things I was going to talk about. :-) I guess when you strip them down to their very bare descriptions, it’s not that long.

The other thing on my mind right now is somehow we seem to have regressed back to winter, which doesn’t make me very happy! After a gorgeous, mild weekend, we have gone back to 50s and 60s in temperature. We finally had to break down and turn on the heat in our house again. :-( Unfortunately, I packed all the blankets up and don’t really feel like pulling them down again. I think the change in weather has made me a little grumpy (as well as trying to keep Savannah at home and away from other kids, since I don’t know how contagious she is).

Okay I’m falling over my keyboard about to fall asleep so I should go turn in. G’night!

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