Migraine week

Migraine week

I’ve had a terrible last few days, mostly because of a stubborn migraine that will not die no matter how much medicine (both western and alternative) I throw at it. I am getting tired and frustrated because of my headache. Today, I was mostly symptom free but as I relaxed this evening on the couch, that familiar pain started creeping back.


I am so grateful to my sister for driving up here to help me out. She has truly been a lifesaver. I don’t know what I would have done if she wasn’t here – I probably would have been turned over to the state for being the worst mother of the year. Poor Savannah! Amy has also been cooking, freeing me of that obligation and giving Paul a chance to eat upon arriving home from work. It’s been a nice change for him too. :-)

I was going to write a long post but as I lay in my bed trying to type on the small iPod screen, I wonder if this looking at z bright screen in a dark room is making my head hurt worse. So I will stop here and pick up another day with any other news I may have to share, including my first time getting acupuncture.

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