Super (bowl) Sunday

Super (bowl) Sunday

Today was a busy day!

We went to church in the morning. We were only 10 minutes late! That’s better than the 30 minutes late we’ve been averaging, if I make it at all.

There was a luncheon after church that was a Mexican tradition related somehow to Epiphany. Paul went on Saturday and helped prepare a bunch of tamales, which he really enjoyed. I didn’t eat any of them today because my stomach is just so weird and unpredictable.

After that, I had a leadership meeting for Atlanta Birth Center. I have been looking forward to this all well. I really love what I’m doing with the birth center! I feel excited about the direction we’re heading, and how far we’ve come. I also just really love the people I work with.

I used to be in charge of all the social media, but last week I handed it off to someone else. It was her first time to the leadership meeting and I am really excited about what she’s bringing to the team. I know my Facebook page is in good hands. :-) With all my extra time now (ha!), I am going to put more attention to our website and blog. I’m hoping to start writing posts! I’ll link here to the posts I write, but you can see all of them at

After getting home, we turned on the Super Bowl but I didn’t feel that well so I laid down and ended up sleeping for most of the evening! Unfortunately I woke up feeling worse. So, I ended up going to bed early. I took a Unisom which is supposed to help with nausea, but it’s also a sleep aid. Just waiting for it to kick in now…

There, my attempt to write about my day life again. It seems so boring but those are the posts I miss writing and retracing later. Just gotta get back in the habit. :-)

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