dear brain, I miss you

dear brain, I miss you

When you’re pregnant and are forgetful, it’s fun to finally have something to blame – preggy brain! Your body is working overtime to grow a human, and sometimes your mental capacity takes the hit.

What they don’t tell you is that it doesn’t go away!┬áIn fact, I think it’s gotten worse!

I used to be able to plan things like the Gerig reunion in my head. I tried to do so with this past reunion, and messed up a few details. I really think I need a spreadsheet to keep track of everything!

I also feel like I just don’t have it together anymore like I used to. I’m disorganized, forgetful, and easily overwhelmed. I feel like I spend all my time looking for lost things. My shoes, my wallet, my phone, Savannah’s shoes, the diaper bag, the list goes on.

A few weeks ago I lost my keys. It was a horrible day – had to cancel a chiro appointment, get Paul to come home from work, etc. Then today I was about to walk out the door when I realized my keys were not in my purse. I looked in all the usual spots before calling Paul and he remembered that he had stuck them in the glove box in the car. Yes, the locked car. And we don’t have a spare key.

So I had to call and cancel my doctor’s appointment, cancel the childcare I had arranged, and was stuck inside for the rest of the day. I never used to do things like this! I was so frustrated.

I don’t know if mom brain ever resolves itself… Probably just turns into old age brain. I miss my mentally sharp days. :-( And I guess I’m going to have to figure out a new normal expectations for myself. It will probably involve writing everything down!

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  1. Ashley, in all seriousness I feel this way sometimes too. I think part of it is just getting older :-( Brian has been upset about not being so sharp and he teases his employees in their early 20s and says “Just wait until you hit 27-28 and it all goes downhill.” LOL

  2. Ha! And Phil makes fun of me for making so many lists! I’ve always been rather organized, definitely a List Maker, but now even more so. If it’s not written down, forget it! My whole day can be ruined just because I can’t figure out where the most insignificant of items it. Or if I’m doing something, get sidetracked, then forget what I was doing. Or can’t remember what the funny thing was Gwen said earlier in the day. It’s never-ending! Just know you’re not alone.

  3. Um, this post is scaring me! My Zombie Baby started eating my brain a couple of months ago, and I keep hoping it will go back to normal after he’s born. Steven is the youth minister at our church, and we have a parents’ meeting to talk about youth camp, and Steven asked me some question that I should have known the answer to, but I was baffled and confused. As we were walking out to the car, he said, “This is bad! We can’t both be this way!” (He’s very absentminded and has always relied on me to be his memory. *gulp*)

  4. I think not being able to remember something you should know (like your birthday or phone number) is more exclusive to preggy brain – at least with most people that’s how it is. Mom brain is more absent-mindedness… forgetfulness… Just not being as “sharp”. Does that make you feel any better? :-)

  5. it involves lists, and NEVER, EVER putting things places other than that ONE spot they belong. (which is fun when you have kids who walk around and move things.- plus, I don’t always remember to put things where they belong…)

  6. I know what you mean. I think a lot of it is constantly having your attention divided. It’s proven that multi-tasking is LESS effective than giving something your full attention.

    Also, could be your insomnia!

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