a bit of a blogging slump

a bit of a blogging slump

Things have been happening here, and I have to be honest that I don’t even think to sit down and blog them. This is a sad turn of events. :-( I really don’t want to stop blogging, but I do wonder at this dry spell lately. Part of it is the things on my mind are things that I have chosen not to share in this public forum. (I’d prefer one-on-one with friends.)

My friend Joanna told me a few weeks ago that I need a safe place to write. She suggested I keep a journal. I like her suggestion, but I do love writing for an audience, so… I don’t know. :-)

I have a post half written about our trip to Savannah a month or so ago. I should finish that soon. Pictures are also posted on my Flickr page, which I need to include in my post.

Yesterday was Father’s day, and I hope Paul had a decent day. Savannah has been teething I think, and has been really fussy as of late. She woke up around 6:30am and was up and down all morning until we got up for good at 9am. She was really loud during church so I ended up spending the whole worship part of the service in the nursery. I did get to go back into the service for the sermon, since that’s when the nursery workers came, but I was too tired to really concentrate. Afterward we went to our favorite Mexican restaurants, but halfway through our meal Savannah started throwing rice so we had to leave. I think our days of being able to take her to a sit down restaurant have ended. :-( After her nap, I ended up laying down for several hours while Paul took her to the park and the mall to run around. So I guess he got to be a father for father’s day, but didn’t get to hang out together as a family, though I think it was good that I got a nap. I just feel so tired lately… I really need to go to bed earlier. :-)

We bought a pantry from Ikea a few days ago and worked on it over 6 hours yesterday and didn’t finish. I hope we can finish tonight so I can get all the food put away! I hope this helps keep Savannah from reorganizing the spices and canned foods. I’ll probably put up pictures on my house blog when it’s finished.

Speaking of house blog, I would really like a new name for it. I haven’t come across any that really “grab” me. And I’d like to write in it more regularly – if for no other reason than to force myself to take care of projects around the house.

Rats, Savannah just woke up from her nap. I guess this blog post is over. :-)

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  1. I enjoy sharing things on my blog from time to time, but try not to constantly wonder what I *should* write about. If your mind is on “what can I blog about?” it might take away from Living in the Moment, may even make you resent your situation for not having anything interesting to say!

    I just want to encourage you that it can be a *good* thing not to be plugging away at the computer – if I have something to share, it usually takes a while to sit down and write it out comprehensively so it’s not necessarily a good thing! But if I haven’t written in a while it usually means I’m focusing on more important things.

    Don’t lose heart about not being able to go out to eat – 1) it will save you money if you refrain from doing so, and 2) Savannah’s moods won’t last forever! We take both Gwen and Josiah out to eat from time to time and they’re pretty well-behaved, for the most part. Just be realistic which places you choose! Family friendly, short wait, that sort of thing.

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