well hello there

well hello there

Long time no see!

I haven’t felt much like blogging as of late. Hopefully I’ll kick myself out of that rut soon.

* Savannah and I got sick with some sort of stomach bug a week or two ago. It started with Savannah throwing up one Sunday night and Monday, then I got it Tuesday, we both seemed to get better by Thursday and Friday, only to get sick again Saturday. That last day was the worst for me. Fortunately, Paul didn’t get sick, and we seem to be better!

* Beth and I went on a road trip with our girls this past week! It was fun. We went camping down in Savannah, GA. I have lots of pics to share when I get the chance.

* I think I got bit by chiggers while camping. Itch itch itch!

* This morning Savannah and I flew to Orlando for a few days. My sister is coming in tomorrow, and we are so excited to meet Drew. So, if I don’t get aforementioned promised post about Savannah up, that is why.

* Gerig Reunion is only two weeks away!

* Other things I have been doing: working on a new website for the Atlanta Birth Center. I made a Twitter account and a Facebook page has been created, and we’re working on getting details ironed out to have those updated frequently.

* I had was having horrible trouble with my sciatic nerve – very painful – on top of being sick that week. Paul encouraged me to find a chiropractor, so I did and my pain has gone away (phew!). I like the chiro I found, though. She is a big fan of babywearing and loves children and doesn’t mind at all that I bring Savannah with me to my appointments.

* Okay that’s all for now. I need to get to bed! Tomorrow brings church with my parents, then lunch with the grandparents, and then in the evening I get to go pick up my sister from the airport!

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