happy 7th birthday!

happy 7th birthday!

Today marks 7 years since I embarked on this blogging journey! Blogging has been a huge part of my life, and while I do enjoy it, I find I’m in somewhat of a rut right now. Hopefully I can pop out of it and find that happy balance again.

I was thinking about all the people I’ve met through blogging, both people I’ve since met in real life and people I hope to meet! Here’s a list, off the top of my head (I hope I don’t forget anyone!).

People I’ve met in real life:
Nichole – Nichole went to high school with Paul, and though I technically met her IRL before blogging ever began, we really got to know each other through blogging. I remember her emailing me a link to her Xanga blog and I think that was the first one I really read on a regular basis.
Becky – I am pretty sure Nichole was the one who first pointed me to Becky’s blog a long time ago, and since then we’ve become good friends and met for the first time in 2006. I have really appreciate Becky’s friendship and will miss our in-person visits when she moves to Europe!
Karla – Karla went to high school with Paul and Nichole, and I went to college with Karla’s twin brother Dan. We read each other’s blogs for a long time before finally meeting IRL at my baby shower in 2009. :-)
Jes – Jes and I know each other through a mutual friend, Beth. I used to hear all about Jes when I was suitemates with Beth in college, but didn’t actually meet her until Beth’s wedding. And I don’t think that technically counts, because I’m not sure Jes and I even had a conversation. We became blog friends later and met in April 2009 for a weekend camping trip.
Susan – Okay, Susan also falls under the category of “I knew them IRL first”. And we were actually very good friends when I lived in Atlanta in 2nd grade, and wrote each other frequently when I was in Peru. We lost touch around high school, and somehow she got my blog address and when I moved to Atlanta we reconnected and thus was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :-) I have appreciated so much my friendship with Susan and her family, and not sure we would have gotten this chance if we hadn’t been blogging friends.
Kacie – We’ve been reading each others’ blogs since 2007 or so (I think), and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her better! I appreciate her perspective and her wisdom, and I really enjoyed meeting her IRL when I visited Pittsburgh last October. When we hung out, it felt like she was an old friend and that’s always a nice feeling!
Annie – We both went to the same college and had mutual friends (which is how we found each other’s blogs, if I recall), but didn’t know each other there. I have really enjoyed Annie’s perspective and her support especially through my miscarriage. Her daughter Lucy is only a week younger than Savannah! I got to meet Annie for the first time a few months ago in January, as she is currently living in Massachusetts.
Another Annie – My second blogging friend named Annie. :-) She started commenting on my blog when we were both pregnant – her little guy Neil was born just two days after Savannah! She lives near Orlando so I got to hang out with her last Thanksgiving when we went down to visit my parents. I have enjoyed getting to know Annie better and it’s fun especially because our kids are the same age.

People I hope to meet someday in real life:
Lizzie – I’ve been reading Lizzie’s blog for years and years, and have been encouraged and convicted by her story of faith in the midst of tremendous sorrow.
Lindsey – I started reading Lindsey’s blog around 2005-ish when she was writing at Enjoy the Journey. I really loved her posts, not afraid to talk about sticky or controversial things. She doesn’t live that far from me, so hopefully we’ll be able to meet IRL someday! In the meantime, I really value her friendship and encouragement.
Anne Marie – A fellow cat-lover! I don’t even know when we started reading each others’ blogs or how we found each other, but I have loved getting to know Anne Marie better. I actually want to make a trip to Texas just to meet her… but she might think I’m weird… so I’ll have to find another reason to go. :-)
Amy – I know Amy through Becky, and have really enjoyed getting to know her better, through blogging and also through Twitter.

And a few people who don’t blog, but who are readers here and we’ve gotten to know each other better through their comments and also being Facebook friends:
Kesed, Zan, Marianne, Jen

I apologize if I am forgetting anyone! And happy 7th birthday to my blog. :-)

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  1. Yay for you! I think you may find that your “niche” in the blogging world is forever changing, and that’s okay. It’s like an ebb and flow, changes with your moods, passions, pursuits. I like keeping tabs on you and it was so neat to meet at your baby shower!

  2. Happy 7 years. That is a good long time of blogging. I was so glad to meet you and Savannah in IRL. :)

    How come your post didnt show up in fb? Don’t you have a plug-in?

  3. I won’t think you’re weird! :-) But if you need a better reason to visit Texas, we’ve got loads of cool stuff here. Fort Worth Stockyards, the State Fair in October (it’s really great!), lots of museums, Dallas is known for shopping… If you just want Texas, in general, there’s the Johnson Space Center in Houston. That’s a bit far from me, but it’s a really awesome place to visit.

  4. Whoa, happy birthday, blog!

    I’m glad to be on your “have met” list. Hoping we can hang out again sometime! I felt like I was just catching up with an old friend, when I saw you in October :)

  5. Kacie: I felt like that too!!!

    Lindsey: Yes! There is so much to see and do here. :-) I’d be happy to play tour guide! Let me know if you want me to keep my eyes open for deals.

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