how much things can change in a year!

how much things can change in a year!

Tomorrow marks one year since Paul and I first visited our church. We attended off and on for a few months, but I think by July we were committed and we haven’t looked back!

It was fun to reread this post I wrote a year ago, about my initial thoughts about this church. The biggest thing I noticed about reading what I wrote is that after three years of attending our former church, we were still struggling to make friends. After a year of attending our new church, we really truly fit in there. We aren’t trying to make friends, we have MADE friends. We are comfortable with the people there, and find the fellowship refreshing.

I definitely miss some things about our old church, but for the most part I haven’t looked back. This past weekend we attended the wedding of two of our church members. It was so nice to sit at the reception and just enjoy being with everyone.

A few pictures from the wedding:
My first time in the new chapel!
This was my first time inside the chapel that my old church recently built. Gorgeous! There was a nice reception room downstairs, and that made it easy to have a Saturday wedding and not bother the Saturday evening services at the church.

First dance
Bride and groom

Grace and Kristi
Love this picture!

Cicely, Mommy, Savannah, Kristi, Ayden, Sara
I want to go dance, Mommy!

Ayden, Savannah, and Keilah dancing
I had trouble getting non blurry pictures, but of course I had to take a ton because Savannah was walking around and dancing like crazy! I love how the focus is on her face and blurry everywhere else.

Dancing Savannah
This picture is just full of energy!

Getting the dance moves on!
Mah peeps!

Keilah and Carter dancing with Angela!
I love our church’s attitude toward children – how they are celebrated and join us in our worship and fellowship

Savannah dancing with the flower girl
Savannah totally had a ball, making friends with the other toddlers and dancing her little heart out

9 thoughts on “how much things can change in a year!

  1. Holy cow!!! Look at the awesome change in Savannah’s mobility! How did I miss the fact that she was making such incredible progress? How exciting! God is great! (And Savannah’s mommy is pretty darn good too–way to go, Ashley!) :)

  2. She took her first steps only two weeks ago today… so she has come really far! Actually, she walked SO much more at the wedding than she ever has at one given time. I don’t know if it was just the energy, or the location (big open space), or what, but she loved it!

  3. She alternates between walking and scooting. Some days the latter outweighs the former. :-) She is still very unsteady walking, but pretty confident when holding onto our hands.

  4. I loved seeing all the pictures of her dancing with the other toddlers- looks like she’s having lots of fun! I’m so glad you guys have found somewhere you feel like you ‘fit’- that’s been huge for us, too, Looks like you have a great group!

  5. Our new church isn’t really a good location for weddings (we meet in a warehouse), so they got married at the chapel at our old church.

  6. I was just at a wedding in that chapel a month or two ago! Very pretty.

    Thank you so much for posting the pictures!

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