cute things Savi does

cute things Savi does

She’s at that age! She’s starting to talk, and it’s so cute.

* She has finally learned how to ask for agua (water). Except she says “adua”. It’s adorable.

* She LOVES dolls. She calls them all “baby” (so cute!). We got her a baby a month or so ago, and she’s obsessed with that thing. She asks for it all the time and God forbid we leave it at home while we’re out! She also likes to hold onto stuff animals, especially to fall asleep, just like her mommy. :-)

* She likes to have me nurse whatever stuffed animal or baby she has in the mornings when we lay in bed and cuddle while nursing. She puts the doll in the appropriate position and makes nursing noises. She also will have her dolls drink from the sippy cup.

* I had an old (faux) pearl necklace that she loves. She also likes to lounge on this little foldable booster seat we got for traveling and camping.
Lounging with goldfish and pearls

* I took a great video of her walking with my cell phone, but it’s too big to upload. Grr. When I pull it off my phone, the sound doesn’t come with it. Apparently I need some sort of program to convert the file, or something. I dunno. I prefer to just use my Flip camcorder, but the darn thing makes noises when you turn it on, and Savannah LOOOOOVES playing with it. So I can’t secretly videotape her – she hears the noise and comes over to investigate. I should check the settings to see if there’s a way to turn the noise off. So that explains why there have been no walking videos.

* She is so polite – she says “thank you”. It sounds like “thaaaaaaank tyou”. She’s pretty good about saying at the appropriate times, but she also says it when she’s trying to give something to you. (Probably because I always say thank you when she hands me something.)

* She LOVES balls. She loves to throw them and go get them. She found an onion in the kitchen a little while ago and I keep finding that thing in different parts of the house. I have a wadded up “ball” of painter’s tape from when we painted the shutters, and that’s her favorite because it doesn’t roll very well (and therefore doesn’t get away from her as easily).

* She is still going to weekly physical therapy. I think we’re in the final months, but not sure exactly how much longer we’ll need to go. I stopped going with her into the room with the PT a while ago because she was too distracted by my presence. It’s kinda nice to have a break to just sit and read, or even just shut off my brain for an hour. Her PT says she’s doing great. They’ve been working on stairs and inclines and walking on different textures and surfaces.

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