swagger wagon

swagger wagon

I was telling my brother-in-law how we are probably going to become a minivan family in the future, once we have more carseats than room in our current Corolla. He told me we should get a swagger wagon, and showed me this video which really cracked me up.

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  1. So, Josh Did Not Want a minivan. I Did Not Want a SUV. What did we get? After much research and 10+ car dealerships… This. It looks like a minivan on the inside and SUV on the outside, so we both lose equally :)

    It will be a LONG while until we grow out of it!

  2. Joanna: That looks like a good car! 3rd row of seats is a must in my book… Hence why I was wanting a minivan. Question, how would you get to a carseat in the 3rd row? I couldn’t tell from the pictures.

  3. Joanna – AJ will be totally jealous! He wanted one of those for me last October when we bought my Corolla. He keeps hoping they will still be around when we need car seat space.

  4. The middle row is either captains chairs (like a minivan, but with a console between them) or a bench seat (which seats 3 across, rather than 2) We got the captains chairs. Each chair folds & swings forward really easily to access the back row (which, only seats 2)

    Both captain’s chairs in the middle row have the LATCH system, though LATCH is only on one side of the back row. If a carseat is installed in the captain chair, that captain chair obviously won’t fold and lean forward. Our plan, with 1 carseat, is to use a middle-row seat. With 2 carseats, we can use both middle-row seats (and make the back row almost inaccessible, unless we take out the console between the seats), or put 1 carseat in the middle row, and leave the other captain chair folded most the time, making the back row (and a carseat in the back row) easily accessible, while leaving room for other passengers. This vehicle would max out with 2 boosters & 2 car seats, assuming the kids in boosters can climb & buckle themselves in. (I’ve definitely thought this through!)

    With 0 carseats, we have the back row folded down & treat the back area as a station wagon :)

    I hope this makes sense!

    Molly- They made the Freestyle from 2005-2007, called it the Taurus X in 2008/2009, and now it’s not made anymore. As long as you’re OK with looking used, you’ll be able to find them! (We got an ’06)

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