I had a wonderful talk with Beth the other night. I haven’t talked to her in so long, and I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed her. We were talking about lack of blogging, and we were both bemoaning the silence on our blogs recently. I think (and Beth agreed) it’s largely due to the fact that I don’t always get a chance to blog when it’s on my mind. I write so, so many blog posts in my head, but they somehow never seem to be transferred to the computer. Or, I start a lot of posts and don’t get a chance to finish them… and when I come back, I’m not in the same mood/mindset.

So I apologize, and hopefully I can come up with some way to keep regularly blogging.

To fill you in on a few life updates…

We went to the doctor last Tuesday and the x-ray showed that Savannah’s leg is 100% healed. I am so relieved! I’m sure she is too. The doctor (a pediatric orthopedic surgeon) said that there is nothing physically wrong with Savannah; apparently some babies hate the sensation of putting weight on their feet. Physical therapy will help her overcome that, so I made an appointment for the evaluation on October 25th. I hope to make some good progress in this calendar year, as we have just about reached the max out-of-pocket expenses for Savannah’s health insurance for 2010.

On an unrelated note, there has been a big change for Paul at work. One of his coworkers left, and so Paul was given those responsibilities. He’s still in the same position technically, but he’s doing different things. This also came with a change in schedule – his hours are now flexible and he is working Monday-Friday. This has been very, very weird for us and to be honest we both really miss the old schedule! The flexible hours are nice – he’s still aiming to get to work around 7:30 just so he has a chance to get things done before everyone else comes in. But he misses working on Saturdays! He loved having a day that he could focus on getting work done without anyone around to pester him with other assignments. He also liked having a weekday off to take care of things like doctor’s appointments and the like. It’s been quite an adjustment on my part too.

Also, with the upcoming elections, he has been incredibly busy. He has been working 12-14 hours every day, sometimes not even seeing Savannah before she goes to bed at 9.

Meanwhile, I’ve been feeling lonely and rather down recently. I’m really stressed about finances – you can read my house blog to see why. Feeling frustrated about our house is causing me to not want to do any housework, and so I currently am sitting in a pig sty. I don’t feel much motivation to clean/cook with Paul coming home just to hop on the computer and continue working, or go straight to bed.

Anyways, Savannah is now up from her nap, so I need to go. Hopefully I will be able to get back on track with blogging – and more “real” posts. :-)

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