dear savannah: ten months

dear savannah: ten months

Amy and Savannah

Dear Savannah,

Today you are 10 months old. You are getting SO big! You’re stretching out and every day you look more and more like a little girl.

A month ago today you attended your first graduation! Your Aunt Amy graduated from college and we drove up to North Carolina to see her. You slept in Daddy’s arms through the whole graduation. You attended a graduation party and got to see a lot of your relatives! You certainly capture everyone’s hearts. Also this month you slept in a college dorm for the first time. You seemed to enjoy hanging out with everyone at the Gerig Reunion, and seeing Timmy again! While we were there, you swam in a lake for the first time – you had a blast playing in the water! I think this covers all the major bodies of water – ocean, lake, river, pool. And of course there is the fun of water coming from a garden hose! You certainly love to splash around! Also, all this time in the sun is making your skin get a beautiful brown tan despite all the sunscreen I put on you. I love it! I am so jealous, but I’m happy that you got your Daddy’s skin!

Savannah loves splashing!

You have gotten a lot more interactive this past month. You’re starting to understand what we’re trying to tell you. You will scrunch up your nose and flare your nostrils if you are angry or don’t like something. You will act shy, and give secret grins to strangers because that always makes people squeal with delight. You still don’t like other people to hold you, but if you can’t see me then you’re usually okay.

We are working on tummy time more. You have figured out how to flip to your back, so it’s difficult to get you to stay on your tummy for any length of time! I think when no one is looking you are more likely to stretch farther to reach a toy or Cheerio or your paci. You also have figured out that you can twirl around while you’re sitting, like a little top. It’s really cute! Good thing you have so much padding on your bottom from those cloth diapers. :-)

You are eating a lot of solid food now! I usually give you at least one container of pureed baby food a day, and then you munch on Cheerios or goldfish for snack. You will also eat small bites of regular food too. You prefer to feed yourself, and if I’m feeding you with a spoon then you tend to get distracted easily and I have to wave my arms to get your attention again.

Feet help with the eating process

We got a mattress for your crib and you have been sleeping there for naptimes. You seem to like it! I need to get something for the sides because you keep losing your paci through the slats! I have been spending more time in your room since you are sleeping there. I put a radio in there because I’ve noticed you sleep longer if music is playing. I got you an mp3 player and have loaded it with some sleepy-time songs for your naps. Look at you, 10 months old and you already have your own mp3 player! So spoiled. :-)

This month we celebrated Father’s Day. You took your daddy out to eat for lunch at his favorite Mexican restaurant. While we were there, there was another little baby the next table over and the two of you exchanged laughs and giggles! It was really cute. Afterward you surprised Daddy and took him to a paint-your-own pottery place, and you and Daddy painted a plate. You both put your handprints on the plate. It was fun trying to get your handprint on that plate! You got blue paint ALL over you! I am glad I took off your dress first. :-) Daddy really enjoyed it I think.

I have loved seeing you open up as you have, and I am starting to teach you some baby signs so we can know what you’re saying. I look forward to enjoying you all summer, and am already thinking of your first birthday party! It’s going to be so much fun!

Love, Mommy

In her Sunday dress

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