random tidbits for tonight

random tidbits for tonight

Some random tidbits, because I feel like blogging but don’t really have anything to say…

* We went to Lowe’s today and picked up some stuff. Man, we spend a lot of money there and Home Depot! My uncle is going to help out with a few projects on Saturday, which will be nice. We got the new light and ceiling fan installed in the den, and bought the baseboards tonight. We just need to install those and that room will be done! Pictures will come at that point. :-)

* One of my good friends is a physical therapist for children, and she’s given me some pointers to helping Savannah develop her upper arm strength. It’s a little concerning that at 9 months old, Savannah has no interest at all in moving around. I know she’s fine physically; we just need to work with her to encourage her to use her arms more. My friend has been really helpful!! We might need to pursue more structured therapy if she still isn’t moving in a few months. I’m not worried; I just hate having to do this because Savannah cries and cries! She HATES being on her tummy, and she HATES when I try to encourage her to roll over. She screams and screams, and just goes limp… I hope this stage lasts a short time because I feel so horrible!

* Our house smells weird and I can’t place it. I think it’s the humidity bringing out some smells. Our house isn’t vented properly so it’s super humid inside (we have trouble with mold growing on our window panes!). We’ll get that fixed when we get a new roof, but hopefully we have a few more years before we need a new one and so we’ll have to put up with it for the time being. Anyways, my goal is to do a major spring cleaning and hopefully make the whole house smell nice and fresh again. But not all at once, because that would be overwhelming!

* We got a mattress for Savannah’s crib! We set up the crib in her room, and she has been napping in there! I have found that if I don’t turn on music while she naps, then she doesn’t sleep as long. So, I am looking for a cheap MP3 player for her. I have been resisting giving her too many sleep aids because I don’t want to have to lug tons of stuff with us when we travel, but an MP3 player is nice and portable, and if it will help her sleep then I’m all for it!

* Now that we’re using Savannah’s room more, I am trying to think of decor. I want to make a skirt for the crib to hide all the boxes we put underneath, and I’d love to have matching curtains. Her walls are a really light purple, the trim in the room is white, her changing table is white, and the crib is a natural light wood. So I’m trying to figure out what colors to use for the curtains/crib skirt that will match what is currently there, but is also gender neutral. I still am interested in a lamb-theme, but not sure how to tie all of that together. So I’m stuck.

* I’ve been reading “Last Child in the Woods“, which has been interesting especially as we’re at the beginning of summer (and our camping season). I have a lot of desire to incorporate the outdoors with our kids’ education as much as possible. I think the thing I anticipate the most about homeschooling is having the ability to tailor the curriculum with what our needs and desires are as a family. Of course, I don’t have to wait until Savannah is 5 before I start teaching her about the outdoors! I found another book that talks about teaching your kids the wonders of nature, and it looks good. I’ll have to get it next time I have some extra money.

* Speaking of outdoors… the mosquitoes are really bad around our house. You can see them flying around, they’re so bad. I need to figure out what to do about that. I remember this from last summer, too, but I was hoping it was just because the grass was so tall. It seems there is another problem besides that… perhaps standing water somewhere? We’ll have to investigate.

I think that is all for tonight!

5 thoughts on “random tidbits for tonight

  1. I like the random tidbits!

    Could also be your neighbors have standing water. In that case, you might need to launch an awareness program. He he.

  2. Charlotte Mason (and the writers who have written about her educational philosophy) have a ton to say about the importance of getting outdoors with kids. It’s good for them! (Even if Mommy would rather be indoors ;-))

  3. Try planting some live citronella plants in the yard around your house. They are a natural insect repellent. It might not get rid of the mosquitoes completely, but it should help reduce the numbers. They smell nice and summery, too :)
    If you’re interested, I have a portable CD player that plays MP3 format CDs. It’s just gather dust in a shelf, so you’re welcome to it.

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