Dominican Republic, part 5: the beach

Dominican Republic, part 5: the beach

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We spent our last two days in the Dominican Republic visiting the beach at a place called Cabarete. We rented a car for the occasion, which was really nice. To understand why, you have to understand the kind of car Daniel and Tree have. They call it a guaguita and it’s hard to compare it to anything in the States:

The guaguita

Four people, three babies

The second picture is when we went to one of the waterfalls. It was a very tight fit – Paul had to ride in the back, and Savannah had to sit on our laps the whole time. So for the three hour trip to the beach, we rented a bigger car that fit all of us more comfortably. We were even able to fit Savannah’s carseat in!

It didn’t take long for her and Timmy to pass out on the drive there.

We had to go up and over the mountains to get to the beach. It was a really scenic drive, though also a bit hard on everyone as far as motion sickness!

Going up the mountain

When we got to Cabarete, we checked into the hotel. We had gotten a 3 bedroom suite with a little kitchen. It was really nice! After being in somewhat barebone conditions the week before, we felt like we were really living it up. :-) We played a bit in the hotel pool, and then walked across the street to the beach. It was getting towards evening, so we just walked for a bit and then had dinner at one of the restaurants that have seating on the beach. It was so pretty! I was amazed at how the water was so turquoise – just like all the pictures you see on cruise and resort brochures! I thought those had to be photoshopped.

Family picture

Eating dinner on the beach

Savannah and I

We had a relaxing evening back at the hotel room, playing Farkel with Tree and Daniel until they could no longer keep their eyes open. The next morning we lazily got ready for the day, having a nice breakfast and then packing again. We turned in our keys and went to the beach for the day.

I decided to get my hair braided when we got there, pretty much blowing all my souvenir money on that. I was kinda disappointed with how it turned out – I think some people just don’t look good with braided hair. I also hated how the person who braided it kept trying to take me for more money, waiting until Tree had walked away to try and talk me up in price. Argh! I hate people who just try to take advantage. Oh well. I ended up wearing the braids home (back to Atlanta), but took them out after only a few days. I’m glad I got it done, but I know not to get it done again!

My hair is almost done!

Savannah was a bit afraid of the waves at her first beach experience. Since it took an hour and a half to braid my hair, I didn’t really get to be with her when Paul first brought her down to the water. She clung to him and preferred to stay away from the water.

Savannah's first beach experience!

She had a blast back under the umbrella though!

Happy Savannah!

The water was absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful ocean!

Family picture

We stayed at the beach until the sun started to dip in the sky, at which point we loaded the car and returned to Jaracaboa. We were leaving the next day for the States; I couldn’t believe our trip was over so fast. Daniel took us to the airport early the next day, and we had a relatively uneventful trip back. We got back into Atlanta and got home around 11 pm or so, and it felt soo good to climb into our bed that night. But we had SUCH a good trip! I’m really glad we went to visit Tree and see her home that she loves so much. I highly recommend visiting if you have the chance! :-)

Bye bye, Dominican Republic!

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