same old same old

same old same old

Well, my 6 year blogging anniversary came and went on Saturday without me acknowledging it.

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks now and I’m still in a bit of pain. I can’t stand to be touched. I can’t wear a seatbelt. I have no energy. Savannah once again refuses to nurse on the side with the clogged duct. I have trouble sleeping because I can’t get comfortable.

I can’t seem to get any healthcare professionals to pay attention to me. They keep telling me to “try warm compresses – that usually works”. I guess it’s really uncommon for clogged ducts to last more than 48 hours. I don’t know what can be done at this point, but I do know that I can’t continue on in this pain.

Emotionally I’m about ready to break down. (This probably means that time of the month is near…) I am starting to think of what I can do to get an appointment to see someone. I can’t let myself dwell on those things; they’re too bad. But I feel so desperate…

Sorry I haven’t been writing much. My life revolves around trying to make it through the day until Paul gets home and can take Savannah.

Oh and I went back to work. Just helping out at my old job for a few weeks – mostly working from home, but yesterday (Monday) I left Savannah with Paul and went into the office all day. It will be nice to have some extra money.

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  1. Your 6th blogging anniversary came & went Saturday? That means MY blogiversary came & went Sunday unacknowledged. Hmm. And I don’t have as good an excuse.

    I do hope you start feeling better, but I can’t offer any been-there-done-that suggestions. I really hope you can get the doctors’ attention and get something to help you heal.

  2. I’m sorry and I’m still praying for you :-/. I can’t believe all the healthcare people are ignoring you! That’s very unprofessional and counter-productive.

  3. Unsolicited advice — YELL AT THE DOCTORS UNTIL THEY TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY! You shouldn’t have to deal with this. It’s horrible and I’m so sorry!

  4. I’m so sorry you are hurting.

    Please forgive me if I missed this info in an earlier post, but have they not given you any antibiotics for mastitis yet? If not, I would get some IMMEDIATELY! I have had several bouts of it with 3 kids, and no home remedy did the trick to unclog the ducts without antibiotics to take care of the inflammation, too.

    If you have access to a lactation clinic, I would call there for a referral.

  5. Okay, I just read through the last couple of posts. The feverish symptoms seem, to me, to point to mastitis and not just a clogged duct. Antibiotics may exacerbate the thrush, but if you can get to feeling better, whole-body-wise, I think it would be worth it.

  6. Meredith: Thank you for your comments. I saw a lactation consultant today and she said she’d be surprised if it WASN’T mastitis. I just don’t have the characteristic fever, though I’ve had low-grade fevers off and on. I have hesitated about the antibiotics because of already having trouble with thrush. I am hoping to get to the doctor tomorrow.

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