trip prep and swimmis

trip prep and swimmis

We are leaving 4 weeks from yesterday for the Dominican Republic! Hopefully, that is. :-) We are having some snags with the flights, in that we have to fly Delta and they only have one flight a day and it leaves from JFK airport in New York at 7am. Because of having to have a minimum of a 7 hour layover, and it being an overnight layover, and having a baby, we decided to take a different flight that leaves direct from Atlanta, and fly into a different city in the DR and take a 3 hour bus. Of course this raises other logistical things to figure out. It also made me realize that if we’re going to be traipsing around the country by ourselves it would be really helpful if I remembered some of my Spanish! It’s been 7 years since I’ve spoken it. I pulled out my old Spanish/English dictionary and I’m doing different things that I used to do in Peru to help me learn Spanish. So if you see any blog posts in Spanish, you’ll know why. ;-)

Also getting ready for the DR, I bought Savannah some reusable swim diapers. They are SOOOO cute! Here are the two patterns I got:

I realized in retrospect that it’s not necessarily cheaper to get the reusable swim diapers if you don’t go swimming very often, especially because she will grow out of these after this summer. Since I already bought them, I’m determined to make the most of them! I loooove to swim and I hope to pass that love onto Savannah! (At one point or another, each member of my family was part of a swim team – it’s in our blood!) Since we don’t have a pool in our neighborhood (the downside of not living in a subdivision), I am going to look for water elsewhere. This brings me to my next point…

My doctor told me I need to lose weight. I am almost as heavy as I was two years ago when I finally realized that I needed to do something. Food choices are obvious, but another big one that I’m bad at is exercise. Running is the cheapest option but I don’t really enjoy it. What I’d really love is doing something in the water. On a whim yesterday I googled “water aerobics Atlanta” to see how much taking a class would cost. (Classes are good because they force me to do it. Have I mentioned before how I have no self discipline??)

I found this website that offers various classes specifically for pregnant and postpartum moms! Wow, I wish I’d known about this when I was pregnant! They have “Mom & Baby” classes, which is great because then I don’t have to figure out what to do with Savannah. And best of all – they have water aerobics! (See how I’m coming back to those swim diapers??) Mom does exercises in the water while baby floats in a floatie next to her. Sounds wonderful! I can fit 4 classes in before we head to the DR, so I’m hoping that those 4 will help tone my flabby flab at least a little. Maybe I can figure out how it works in the budget to take the classes regularly. It would be so good for me! And I get to spend time with Savannah in the water. :-)

On the other 6 days of the week… whenever it decides to warm up I’m all about daily walks. It’s ridiculously cold right now; I don’t live in the South for long winters!! I always get like this by February… I’m so OVER the cold and ready to get OUTSIDE! I am ready to go camping (next month!) and hiking and walks around the neighborhood! Maybe I should head to the DR *now* and stay until April. Do you think Paul would mind?

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  1. For myself, I think that spending the money now to work out regularly will end up being cheaper than paying to fix preventable health problems in the future. Good luck! :)

  2. The great thing about walks is that I bet Savannah will love them too! Hans can’t get enough of outside, and walking is one of the best ways to burn off extra fat (slow aerobics are more efficient at that, instead of high-level aerobics). That water class looks like fun too! Your baby likes water a lot more than mine, so I bet you two will have a blast!

  3. Maria: Like gallbladder issues? :-)
    Too bad I can’t get my insurance to pay for classes, instead of paying for surgery!

  4. You might check what your local YMCA offers. Though the Y membership was a bit more than we wanted to pay, there is childcare while we work out. And since I am trying to rehab my ankle and generally get into shape again, the money was worth it. Our Y has a pool with a variety of classes, including water aerobics and a mommy and baby class. Anyway, maybe you’ve thought of this already, but in case you haven’t, I thought I would share! :) Enjoy the water classes!!

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