naptime shmaptime

naptime shmaptime

So I thought I had it figured out: two hours after waking up (usually sometime between 9 and 10am), Savannah would go down for her morning nap. I would read her a book, nurse her, swaddle her, give her a paci, and then she’d sleep for 2+ hours. Repeat for afternoon nap. Bedtime at 11pm. All good.

Then this week something changed. This week Savannah decided that napping is for sissies and she wasn’t going to partake. I don’t know if this coincides with her ear infection – last Monday was the first day she stopped napping and also the day we saw the doc and started her on amoxicillin.

Now the routine is: she gets fussy. I put her down for a nap, following same routine as before. She usually falls asleep but wakes up anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour later. Then she’s wide awake and in a fairly good mood until the afternoon when she gets fussy and we try again with the same results. Then she is SO cranky in the evenings. But any attempts at nap repeats are met with the same results. She doesn’t have problems GOING to sleep – she has problems STAYING asleep. Bedtimes are still completely normal, she doesn’t seem to have a problem there.

The weird exception is last Wednesday, we went to a friend’s house. I laid her down, same routine, and she slept for 3 hours. That was the last nap she took.

I’ve tried swaddling and unswaddling her. I’ve tried laying her in the pack n play, on our bed, and in the co-sleeper. I’ve tried laying down next to her (you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that I wasn’t going to get that nap!). I’ve tried getting her to go back to sleep after she wakes up.

Also frustrating is the past few days, she’s decided she hates her bouncer and she really would prefer to be in our arms. And she likes us to be walking around. Which as you can imagine gets old reaaaaaally fast.

Oh and if possible she would like to take all naps in our arms. Cuz she will sleep there. But once you put her down you have 15-20 minutes, tops, before she wakes again – and that’s assuming she didn’t wake up when you laid her down.

In short, I’m exhausted. And stressed. It’s hard to get things done when she is awake all day and wants to be held. And I am about to go crazy with this lack of alone time (my introversion coming out).

Any ideas on keeping baby asleep once she’s down?

Oh and another reason for my tiredness – I can’t seem to sleep at night. I am so exhausted when I fall into bed, but then insomnia takes over and I lie awake until 2 am or later.

So… tired…

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  1. Oh, I hear ya.

    Especially in his early months, Johnny was very particular about where he slept. He would sometimes sleep in the swing, but mostly he had to be in the baby k’tan or held or somehow touching me.

    One thing that stuck out for me — Savannah’s wake and bed times. Perhaps if she woke up earlier … say 7 or 8 a.m., she’d be more inclined to nap a little easier during the day?

    Cuz staying up til 11 p.m. is way too late. I know this because when Johnny stayed up until we went to bed, he was a lot harder to convince to sleep the next day.

    These days, he’s trying to go from two or three naps to one big nap. I’m still figuring out how this will work.

    Oh, and I’m a horrible insomniac myself. It’s 2:30 as I type this. I can’t win at sleep.

    The fact that she wants to be in your arms so much lately could very well be a direct result of the ear infection. Or teething. Or a growth spurt. Or any of the other crazy things that happen to babies that turn their worlds upside down.

    One thing I do know — baby’s sleep patterns seem to change relatively frequently. She could bonk back to something workable for you soon. Good luck!

  2. Believe me, I know how you feel! We had to walk around with or rock Elijah for hours when he had colic! But considering Savannah’s age and illness, I bet things will be easier when her infection has cleared up! Hang in there. Just remember it is tough for her, too.

    You could TRY keeping her elevated. The fluids in her sinuses/ears probably hurt her/wake her when she is flat on her back. After mealtimes especially.

  3. Hans went through that! There was a period where EVERYTIME I put him down, for a nap or bedtime, he would stay down for 45 minutes (precisely), and then wake up. I read in a book a suggestion to be listening and go in *right* away, while he was still just starting to wake up and fussing, and pick him up and nurse him back to sleep, then put him back down. The idea being that if you go in right away, he’s still in a partial-sleep state. I have no idea why it worked, but after a few days it did. You’d think it would do the reverse, and teach him that he can have a snack half-way through each nap/bedtime, but instead he stopped doing it after a few days.

  4. Oh, how well I can relate to you! People still tell me, sleep when he is sleeping especially in the night. Sleep is not a switch I can turn off and on, is it? yesterday I finally fell asleep and Neil woke up. He has been fussy couple of days as well. And he is drooling a lot, which makes me think he could be teething. I don’t know, I am so exhausted too!

  5. Oh, and keep her elevated too, this helped when Neil had the ear infection. I have gone through days when nothing would do but holding him and walking miles. Chin up, this too shall pass!

  6. Man… I remember those days. I so wish I had advice, but my kid didn’t sleep until 2009 (he was born in January 2008), so I’m the opposite of expert. But, I’m sorry for you … you and Savannah.

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