what's up with all the firefly stuff?

what's up with all the firefly stuff?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook might have noticed a lot of references to Firefly recently. And those of you who know me in real life are probably noticing the same. :-)

The explanation is that in a few weeks, Paul and I (and Savannah) are attending a Firefly costume party hosted by the Millers. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for this!

For those of you who have sadly not yet been introduced to Firefly is, a brief explanation: a short-lived space/western TV show, centering on the crew of the spaceship Serenity and their adventures. It’s set in the future, but definitely is reminiscent of the Old West, namely in their clothing and speech patterns. The heart of the show is character development, and a witty dialog that makes you keep going back for more. Have I piqued your interest? You can watch for free on Hulu, or find a local Browncoat (Firefly fan) who I’m sure would love to lend you their DVD copy. I would highly recommend starting with the pilot episode – Serenity, Parts 1 & 2.

For the Firefly costume party, we decided to dress up as two characters. My favorite characters are Wash and Zoe – the married couple on board Serenity. I love their relationship, and Wash’s quirky humor and Zoe’s no-nonsense attitude. However, Paul and I look NOTHING like Wash and Zoe. So I considered another couple, Mal and Saffron, from my favorite episode, “Our Mrs. Reynolds”. Looks-wise, we fit Mal and Saffron much better, and I think Saffron would be a fun character to play. But in the end, I decided that Saffron’s outfit would be too cold for New England in January. (I was going to link to an image, but can’t find one of her whole body… this is the best I can do.) So we’ll just forget the fact that I’m a white redhead and Paul is a tan dark-haired guy, and go with our original choice.

Sidenote: In my research, I came across a site where you can buy Mal’s brown coat! How awesome is that?

zoe-02wash02It’s been a lot of fun doing the research for the costumes! Last night we watched the pilot episode again, in an attempt to convert my brother-in-law who was visiting. The past few days I have been avidly scanning the internet for screen captures of the different outfits they wore – I found this site very helpful for Zoe. I am trying to find a good balance of a feasible outfit and capturing “their” look so we’re recognizable despite our skin/hair color differences.

For Zoe, I have a dark purple shirt, tan pants, and a wide black belt. I am going to try and find tall black boots, and Becky has offered to help me make a vest to match Zoe’s signature leather vest. It’s going to look awesome! For Paul, we went to the Army surplus store today and picked up a green flight suit for him. He’s going to wear a Hawaiian-print shirt on top, and we’ll stick a few dinosaurs in his pocket. (My all-time favorite Firefly scene!) Are we missing anything? I’d like to find a gun and holster for Zoe, but since we’re flying up to New England I am not sure it will be possible.

For Savannah, I have a totally awesome outfit in mind. I got the fabric to make it tonight, and am excited! She is going to be so cute. I am going to keep it a secret until I’m done and then see what other people think. :-) I will give you a hint – I will have to sew it. Yikes! I haven’t really sewn anything like an outfit in forever, so hopefully it goes well. And if it doesn’t… well she’ll probably grow out of it before too long anyways!

I am thinking of throwing a Firefly party of our own here in Atlanta, sometime this spring. We’ll see if we can get enough Atlanta Browncoats to make it worth it! We need to work on converting our friends to Browncoats!

And a final Firefly link to include here… I am in love with this and totally want to get it.

4 thoughts on “what's up with all the firefly stuff?

  1. The costumes sound great. Can’t wait to see pictures and see Savannah’s outfit.

    I have a good friend who has one of the Jane hats. She loves it and it look a while for me to realize where it was from. I have another friend who is an avid knitter (who lives in Atlanta now), who has made a bunch of them. So, there are more Browncoats than you may have thought.

  2. When I read “reminiscent of the Old West, namely in their clothing and speech patterns.” My immediate thought was, “They spoke Chinese in the Old West?” :-P

    I think the party sounds like a blast, and I wish I could make it to your Atlanta Browncoat get-together! You know who I’d dress as!

  3. I am having such a hard time with Inara’s outfit! At least I am Portuguese like Morena Baccarin. I hope to be recognizable!

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