late night ramblings

late night ramblings

It’s 1am and I’m here messing around my computer. A few weeks ago, Paul and I got a new camcorder (a Canon Vixia) and tonight I finally decided to figure out how to get the videos onto my computer. I was having a bit of trouble, but it seems that I have finally gotten it to work. It’s just taking for-ever.

The funny thing is, at 10pm tonight I was debating about whether or not I should wash the diapers because Savannah only has two clean ones left. I finally decided on no, because it takes almost 3 hours from start to finish, and I was afraid I would be in bed before then. But, seeing as how it’s after 1 already, I would have had time. Oh well. :-) First thing tomorrow morning!

Christmas is coming so rapidly! We are headed to Orlando next Wednesday, so I’m making a list of things to do before we leave. I got the oil changed and the emissions checked in my car today, so on Monday I need to go to the tag office renew my license plate. (In Georgia, your plates expire on your birthday. Great idea, except for those of us whose birthdays fall on a holiday, and then it’s a pain!) I also need to call the vet and see if I can get some sort of sedative to give to Ebony on the drive to and from Orlando. I talked a bit about it here; I just think that it would be better for Ebony and for my own sanity if she was a little less stressed out during the drive.

Also on the to-do list is to finish wrapping all the gifts, and mailing the ones to relatives out in California and New England. I finished the Christmas cards a few days ago. That took a while! This year, I printed all the addresses off on labels which saved me soooo much time and hand-cramping! I felt a little guilty though – labels just seem so impersonal. Oh well. My brother-in-law took a family picture for us, which I included in with the card. After I finished all the cards, I had one picture left over. I know I didn’t miscount so…. that means I accidentally forgot to include the picture in one of the cards. :-( So I apologize to whoever gets that picture-less card! Mommy brain!

It’s been really cold here! And by really cold, I mean it’s been in the 30’s. Which is cold for Atlanta for December. It’s also been really rainy, which is annoying because it’s just warm enough that it’s not snow, but so cold that it’s miserable. We have had SUCH a wet fall this year. I wish it would snow, because I have never seen a white Christmas and that is one thing I want to experience in my life. :-)

Okay it seems that I might be close to being able to get this video in a format at which I can upload to the internet and share with the world… took long enough! (Seeing as how it’s now ten til 2am.) I will post it here when I’m done.

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  1. You are coming to Orlando again?!?!? How wonderful!!!! Feel like getting together again? I’d love to see you!

  2. K, Just gonna mention this really quick, then go back and read the rest. Otherwise, I’d forget. Or get called away. I wash my diapers all.the.time before I go to bed, leave them in the washer, and throw them in the dryer in the morning. The routine is this: cold pre-wash (shortest wash cycle w/ 1/2 detergent), then hot full wash (w/ 1/2 detergent), then sleep. Then wake and do a cold rinse, and toss in dryer. That way we still have lots of hot water for showers and dishes (cuz I wait til morning to do them, hehe.) So do that next time and you won’t have to stay up 3 hours.

    (I used to stay up w/ the dipes when I hung them to dry. I couldn’t, in good conscience, waste a good 8 hours of drying time, hehe.)

  3. Aw.. that IS cold! And you don’t have heat? Or was that the apt? Or all of Atlanta? And annoying, too, that it’s not cold enough for snow. I totally understand that. Hope you get to see some soon! (Come here, we have some!)

  4. Our heat is all wonky and doesn’t work very well. It doesn’t help that we don’t currently have insulation in our crawlspace. Upstairs it’s nice and toasty, though!

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