life happens

life happens

Savannah is down for a nap so I thought I’d take advantage of the silence to update my blog! I know, I’ve been rather ignoring it as of late. I’m not sure what there is to say. I’ve been pretty busy, getting ready for Christmas. We put up a tree and decorated it, but I don’t think we will do any more decorating. Our house is in a chaotic state because we had to move everything around to make room for the tree, and I would have to clean up to decorate… and I don’t have the energy to do either.

I never thought there would be a day when I would be okay with not decorating for Christmas! To be honest, I think I’d even be okay if we didn’t have a tree! :-o I know what you’re thinking, who are you and what have you done to Ashley? I guess it’s true that having a baby changes you…

I was excited to decorate outside. I wanted to put up those lighted reindeer and something cool to line the driveway. But… we don’t have any outlets outside, and I’m not sure how to get power to the outside otherwise. I’m sure there’s a solution, I just don’t feel like figuring it out. Maybe next year.

I’ve been busy getting into a routine with Savannah. I’m trying to pay close attention to her cues, making sure that I’m putting her down when she’s sleepy and feeding her when she’s hungry. I’ve noticed she gets tired about 2 hours after we get up, so I’m trying to get up at 9 and then putting her down for her nap around 11. I haven’t figured out the afternoon nap yet, but we’re getting there.

I’ve also been trying to cook more. I have been shopping at Aldi’s, trying to be good about our weekly menu so we aren’t as tempted to eat out. So far it’s working. I am glad because we really need to cut back on our eating out budget. And, I need to not be so afraid of the kitchen. :-)

Oh… Savannah’s up. So I guess I’ll write more later.

4 thoughts on “life happens

  1. You’re doing great!

    We aren’t decorating for Christmas this year. Too much of a hazard. Johnny would try to eat/knock over anything. I’ve been taping our Christmas cards on the wall. Oh, and we have a little tree that can go on our table. I’m totally fine with all of this, heh.

    And YAY ALDI! Love that place.

    Johnny also is ready for a nap anywhere from 1-2 hours after he wakes up. It’s like…just sleep a little longer, silly goose!

  2. Just this week, I was thinking- I wonder if Ashley is doing the Jesse Tree this year, since she was so excited to put it together so she could do it with her kids… Understandably, you’ve got your hands full and are still adjusting to having a new member of your family, so the Jesse Tree can wait until she’s older. We were late on decorating this year, too, and I have no excuse!

  3. Yeah, actually I wrote this post twice (didn’t like the first draft) and I mentioned the Jesse Tree the first time, but forgot to put it in the final version. I pulled out the Jesse Tree ornaments and was intending to at least read the Scripture but we have yet to do that… *sigh* It’s okay, she won’t know the difference now… Next year, next year!

  4. I understand! we have a tree up, but all the ornaments are on the top 3 feet of the tree, due to a certain little girl who likes to pull them off the tree. :) Savannah wont know any different though. :)

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