when it rains…

when it rains…

I feel like I need to write about the rain we’ve had. Oh, we’ve had rain!! Tons and tons of it. I am trying to remember when the rain started… but it has been raining every day for at least a week, and very often it is heavy rain and storms. It’s supposed to let up on Thursday, and I’m very excited about it!

I’m sure if you watch or read the news you’ll see reports of all the flooding in metro Atlanta. It’s crazy! We go from a drought to this.

The area around my apartment doesn’t seem to be too affected by the water. However, our backyard at our new house is flooded. The biggest reason for that is our neighbors have built walls that force all the water from their yard into our backyard. So… when all this rain stops we need to go back there and figure out how to keep our yard from flooding every time the downpour starts. For now… we have a lot of other things to worry about.

The rain is hurting our attempts to finish painting the house. The A/C is not currently working, and while it is not hot, we still have to leave the doors/windows open to keep the house from being too stuffy. However, it’s VERY humid and the paint isn’t drying! We are moving in on Saturday, so I hope that it dries by then.

Speaking of moving, I really hope the rain stops for our move, or it’s going to be very miserable! We have moved in the rain before (apartment #3), and it just makes everything more complicated.

I would write more but Savannah is fussing. I’ll write again later if I’m not swept away first! :-)

(P.S. Love this picture of Paul!)

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