stopping in to say hi

stopping in to say hi

Life is busy. That’s it in a nutshell.

Savannah is doing well and seems surprisingly adaptable to our crazy schedule. She sleeps anywhere, especially the car. (She’s like her daddy!) I spend my mornings at our apartment, and then after lunch usually head to the house and work until 8 or 9pm when we come back to our apartment. The house is coming… We are trying to get the painting done, and it’s been raining a ton here which makes the paint dry slower! But it will get done… the bedrooms are pretty much done right now and they look great! I can’t wait to take “after” pictures.

We’re trying to figure out our Indiana trip. Paul might not be able to get any more time off work except for the Saturday of Isaac’s wedding, which means flying up Friday night and flying back on Monday. I was hoping to be able to spend more time in Indiana so I could show Savannah off to friends and see Taylor and get a shake at Ivanhoe’s! One option we’ve considered is me driving up to Indiana earlier and then Paul will fly up and we will both drive back together.

So now the question is… do I want to attempt a 10 hour drive with an 8 week old baby by myself?

The drive itself doesn’t scare me (living 18 hours from home while in college got me used to driving long distances!), and I would break it up into two 5 hour trips and stay the night in Tennessee somewhere. Savannah does well in the car, but I’ve never been longer than 1 1/2 hours so far. She always falls asleep in her carseat, but will she sleep for an entire trip? I know I’ll have to stop every 2 hours or so to nurse her… Are there other things I’m not considering about traveling with an infant?

I would say that flying up early with Savannah isn’t really an option for me for a variety of reasons. (I really hate flying!)

So any words of advice?

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  1. We traveled with Will when he was 6 weeks old, doing a 7-hour trip, breaking it up at the 3 1/2-hour mark both ways. We discovered it’s a million times easier to just push through and keep going, because hauling in a ton of infant equipment to a hotel room is really hard, especially when you’re dog-tired from driving. We just did the same trip pushing straight through with him at 8 weeks, and he did much better, although Marty had to sit in back with him and keep his pacifier in his mouth for an hour or two. I didn’t attempt the trip alone, though, and I’m sure that makes a huge difference. It’s hard enough with two people, so I’m not sure I’d recommend it!

  2. we took a 20 hour trip from TN up to Main when Lexi was about 4 weeks old. we split it up and stopped for the night in New Jersey. It really wasn’t that bad, she slept pretty much the whole time, aside from waking up to eat. I think it would be worth a shot!

  3. Oh man! I wouldn’t have been able to attempt something like that because I was so durn sleep-deprived. I *really* wanted to go back to Indiana for my friend’s father’s funeral when Johnny was almost 2 months old, but I thought I would be too much of a road hazard.

    I was nervous about finding a place to nurse, and if it took longer than the normal trip, I was nervous about stopping somewhere in the dark.

    Plus, it was February, so I had cold, crappy weather to deal with.

    If you can find someone to make the ride with you, do it!

    I am sooooo incredibly nervous about our own drive to Indiana in October. Johnny just plain does not sleep in the car well. He rarely dozes there.

    Good luck!

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