two weeks

two weeks

Savannah was two weeks old yesterday.

She’s doing great. I’m sure she’s growing a lot (though I don’t necessarily notice it). She’s awake and alert for longer portions of the day. I love the chance to look in her eyes – I’m pretty sure they’re grey right now, though we’ll see if they stay that color. Her hair is plentiful on her little head, and dark brown just like her daddy’s. I’m curious if she’s going to keep that hair or if it’s going to fall out like it does for a lot of babies. Both Paul and I had thick hair at birth that never fell out, so we’ll see.

As for me, it’s been a really rough two weeks, especially the past couple of days. I realized yesterday that I have mastitis, which explains the fever and general feelings of yuckiness. I am so tired all the time; not as much sleepy but just tired. I went to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics for the mastitis and I’m told I’ll feel better by tonight. I hope so! I am struggling to have the energy to take care of Savannah on top of taking care of myself.

Paul’s two weeks of paternity leave are over, so he went back to work yesterday. He’s spending all his free time over at the house, trying to get it ready so we can move in at the end of the month. My parents got here a few days ago and they’ve been helping us a lot with the house too. It’s slow going! We’ve spent a lot of time cleaning and prepping before we can even start on things like the painting. And by “we”, I mean my parents and Paul. My sister came down for the weekend to meet Savannah and she’s also been helping too. My contribution to this mess is sitting in a camping chair in the living room with Savannah, critiquing paint color and trying not to feel stressed. :-)

So that’s life right now. I am hoping everything starts getting better soon. I hate feeling like this. :-(

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  1. It is rough :( I hope you are feeling better soon and the antibiotics clear the mastitis up right away. But really, even aside from that it is so normal to be feeling like this and to not be back up to “normal” yet, so add something like that on top and no wonder you feel like this! I know it is frustrating though because even though I know this, I am also frustrated about being stuck in a chair and feeling like I can’t get up and do a lot to help around the house.

  2. You definitely have 2 big stressors piled on top of you, so it is COMPLETELY normal to feel that way! Plus, those crazy postpartum hormones give most moms a predictable low around 2 weeks.

    Let me just repeat–there is nothing wrong with you as a mom, a wife, and a homeowner to feel overwhelmed and tired right now. You will get through these days and start enjoying that baby on your schedule!

  3. Happy 2 weeks! It’s so fun to be experiencing similar things at the same time (though I know babies will develop and grow at different rates). Timothy is also starting to fill out, be awake slightly more often, and open his eyes wider to look around at his world. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. :( Don’t feel at all bad to do nothing besides taking care of yourself and Savannah (and having help with taking care of Savannah is fine too!). It’s tempting to feel guilty when everyone else is working, but then I remind myself that it would be worse on my family if I push it too much now. Wish I could be with you to chat and show off our babies to each other! Love you!

  4. Long time lurker coming out to say a few things:

    1. Congrats on the baby!
    2. Congrats on the house!
    3. I hope things settle down for you soon. Be easy on yourself, hon.

    God be with you,
    Jen in Canada

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