one week old

one week old

So I guess since it’s after midnight, Savannah is 7 days old!

Wow. Everything still seems so new. People ask me things like “What does she usually do…?” And I’m like, “I’m still trying to figure it out myself!”

She’s a great sleeper. I’m grateful for that! She also isn’t very fussy; almost always she fusses for a reason (diaper change, hungry). She got her first sponge bath today! She did really well and now she looks so pretty. She also went to her first doctor’s appointment. I really like the pediatrician I found, and I’m excited about that. Savannah has grown an inch in the past week, and she’s still not back up to her birth weight, but otherwise she is very healthy! Hooray for that.

As for me… no one prepared me for how hard it is post-birth. I assumed that all the difficulties would be from adjusting to life with a new little one, but that’s not been the hardest part! There is still pain and discomfort stemming from the delivery and also from my milk coming in. Also, my headaches have come back (thanks, hormones) and that has been frustrating because I’m still trying to avoid medicine. I was not prepared for the emotional mood swings, either. It is not uncommon for me to burst into tears several times throughout the day for no reason – or for something seemingly unimportant. I cry at the drop of a hat, and have frequent “meltdowns” which worry Paul because he can’t seem to do anything to make them better. I get overwhelmed easily. I hard to turn off my phone one day last week because I just couldn’t take the phone calls and texts anymore. I also found it helpful to sign off all instant messaging. It’s not that people are being annoying, but that the simplest things completely overwhelm me.

Well the baby just ate and it’s 1:40am so I really should go to bed. I’ll update more later!

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  1. all those crazy emotions is something left out a lot. I get the same way you are. I don’t remember too much from after Lexi was born, but after Caylee was so bad. luckily it only lasted a few weeks (I think!). and I totally understand the shutting off the phone and signing off of everything! Do that as often as you need! I’m glad to hear she’s a good sleeper, hopefully that continues!

  2. It’s ok for you to shut off the phone. Just concentrate on YOU and the BABY!
    Don’t worry about the house, people, etc. Your body has been through a tremendous time of change and it takes awhile for everything to settle back down.
    Don’t put extra pressure on yourself–don’t even worry about blogging if you don’t want to.

    Just sit and hold her all day everyday if you want to! Nothing wrong with that at all.


  3. What you are going through is completely normal. Trust me I have 2 kids both teenagers and I still remember that emotional “mess” after having them. It will pass, you will just have to ride it out. So the next time it happens just take a time out and realize that this is just part of your body readjusting. It’s normal don’t worry. Having a child I thought was like getting hit by a bus, it was so traumatic but no one ever tells you about your side of it just the baby’s. Just like you are taught to deal with contractions, you should be taught how to deal with the emotional moments. Just realize “meltdowns” are a part of the recovery.
    Best wishes,

  4. Those first few months are hard. Especially with your first. I know I had read all the books and wanted to do everything all right….and then I had a fussy baby, sore nipples, no sleep, etc. I kept asking everyone where my choir of angels were—you know, the ones that surround you while you nurse your baby and take long strolls in the park? My angels never made it to me.

    In time it gets easier. And as they get older, it gets alot more FUN! :)

    Until then, hold onto your hat and go with the flow. Screw what everyone else tells you to do. Do what works for you. Sleep and eat and brush teeth daily if you can :)

  5. Oh, I hear you. I’m only 3 days postpartum, but the tears are plentiful around here and even though I have breastfed before it’s surprising to realize how much I have to learn all over again because Lucy is just different from Josh and we have to learn to nurse together. I mean, it’s definitely easier this time around, but it’s not EASY and feeling a bit tender and sore here too.

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