and today marks three

and today marks three

Bride and groom

Three years!

Three years ago today I got dressed up in a pretty white dress that barely fit me. Paul dressed in a handsome black tux. :-) Friends and family descended, helped us get ready, then watched and celebrated with us as we spoke our vows and exchanged rings.

Three years! Three years ago we started our family. A month exactly from now is the due date for the first (human) addition to our family.

Now a question for you married folk with kids out there… how do you continue to keep the marriage alive after kids? Any advice for us new parents as we embark on this journey?

Digging through my archives:
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I love you, Paul! :-)

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years! Once you have kids, definitely still make time for just the 2 of you together. Learn to appreciate the small increments of time where you’re alone. Don’t be afraid to get a babysitter every so often, and use naptime to your advantage. I try to do special things for Stu when I can–like cook a special dinner.

  2. Happy anniversary. I’ll have been married for three years on 11/30, but we have a 1 1/2 year old. It’s not easy, but you have to make time for each other. We have dinner together every night. even if I have to feed our little boy early, I will have dinner with my husband. Also, we don’t do this enough, but it helps to have some time with other adults. But really — we didn’t do anything but cocoon for the first 4 months. Just enjoy your family :)

  3. Next month we celebrate 7 years of marriage. We didn’t have our first child until we’d been married almost 4 years (we lost two pregnancies before that) I find sometimes that I look back on the time we had together and long for it….not that I would EVER change having our precious little ones…but I do sometimes miss the wonderful time spent with just my husband. We now cherish every little moment alone together and he REALLY appreciates when we have a special occasion and he gets a romantic gourmet dinner!! We just delivered our 3rd baby yesterday (on your anniversary haha!) and I can already tell that our couple time is going to be even less. :-) Comes with the territory! I guess my only advice would be to spend as much of that quality one on one time together while you can…with each new addition comes less time together! Sounds to me like you and Paul need to go out a few more times before that baby of yours arrives!! :-)

  4. One thing that’s been huge in helping our marriage is having a date night. At first, we would have it with Jer when he was a newborn. We would put aside that night as only spending together, not doing work, cleaning, computer time, etc. Eventually, we started having people watch Jer. We were able to do a almost every week date night (often, we just had dinner at home together and took Jer to a friend’s house) for a while, but recently started an e/o (with the off night still being set aside for time together, but with Jer). You may even be able to find someone to trade off date nights with (watch their kids in exchange). before bed time also became an important time for us to share and pray together. I guess it’s about finding routines that work for you and sticking with them when you can! :)

  5. prov31girl2be: Wow you had a baby yesterday and you’re already up and reading blogs?? :-) Impressive! And congratulations!!! I think July 29th is an excellent birthday. :-) Odd numbers all around!

  6. LOL Ashley….I ummm have issues HAHAHA!! I had pics uploaded to my FB page within 3 hrs lolol. What can I say?! I agree yesterday was a GREAT birthday! We had a waterbirth at home (our 3rd homebirth but first waterbirth) it went VERY well and once labor actually kicked in, it was about 3 hrs of intense labor. I highly suggest having a waterbirth!

  7. prov31girl2be: The water birth interests me, actually. I am delivering at the only hospital in Atlanta that allows water births, and so I signed up for the class that you’re required to take in order to have one. That class is next week so I guess we’ll learn a lot about it! :-)

  8. YAY!!! You go girl!!!! I think you’ll enjoy the class and learning more about your options!! :-) I see you’re 36 weeks now YAY!! Home stretch is here for you and you’re almost done!! My first arrived just 2 days before I hit 36 weeks….i could be ANY day for you now!!!!!

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