patience is a virtue, right?

patience is a virtue, right?

People ask me for updates about various things in my life, and I feel that I’m always answering, “Well we’re still waiting to hear…”

This week we’re supposed to hear about several things.

1) I decided to switch practices to the midwife my friend uses and recommends. However, because I’m 32 weeks along, the new practice won’t make an appointment to see me until they see my records. I asked the former practice to fax my medical records, but because so many people are switching they said they are really backed up and it would take a few days. That was last Tuesday, so I’m hoping this week the new midwife will have received my records and will let me make an appointment. I am somewhat anxious because I’d like to stay on track with my appointment schedule.

2) Two weeks ago, we took Lewis in to the vet for some bloodwork. They are testing for a thyroid tumor, and if the test results are positive then he’ll need surgery. I was supposed to have the results last week, but they are waiting for the pathologist’s report (apparently) and they promised that this week they would know the results. I don’t want to see my kitty sick and as skinny as he is right now, but at the same time I’m concerned about our finances if he does end up needing surgery.

3) Today marks the two months since Paul and I put an offer in on a house we’d like to buy. It’s a short sale, so we have been waiting… and waiting… and waiting… I’ve heard that two months is the average wait for short sales. We did hear some good news last Friday – apparently we are supposed to receive the offer acceptance this coming week (Monday or Tuesday, they said). So things look promising, but we still have to wait until we receive the acceptance before we can schedule the home inspection. We still can’t plan on getting the house yet, but it’s looking more and more likely.

So this week we’re supposed to find out a lot of things we’ve been waiting on! I am trying to be patient, but sometimes it’s hard not to get antsy, especially as I’m now in single digits for the number of weeks until my due date, and there are things I’d like to get settled before that comes!

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