1. I did not realize it, but today is Corrie’s 3rd birthday! Or, rather, 3 years since I got her… since she was already a few years old when I got her. I still love my car, though not *quite* as obsessed. We plan on keeping her for a long time… but as my own values and needs change, I’m finding myself thinking of other cars that might serve our needs better… Like a bigger “family car” or perhaps a minivan. :-) But those are all the future; we are happy with Corrie in the meantime and probably won’t look to get a bigger car until child #2 is on the way.

2. Today a stranger came up to me in the grocery store and said something about me having a redheaded baby. People ask me that ALL the time! I’ve stopped trying to explain biology and recessive genes to people and just say, “Oh it would be cool to have a redhead!”

3. Unfortunately it looks like the house fell through. :-( I have another blog post half-written about that specifically, but I don’t feel in the mood to finish it right now so maybe sometime in the near future. Looks like we’ll be staying in the one-bedroom apartment for now, while we figure out what we want our next course of action to be. I have started getting rid of things again, to make room for baby stuff… and this time I’m having to get rid of things we’d actually like to keep. :-( Oh well, it’s only stuff, right?

4. We’ve been keeping very busy with various activities. We are attending a Dave Ramsey class once a week, learning about personal finance. It’s been good so far. We also have a weekly childbirth class which I think will be really beneficial. I told the teacher I am absolutely terrified about this whole labor and delivery thing, so hopefully she is able to help me tackle those fears.

5. I’m trying to keep up with housekeeping and dishes and actually making dinner every night. I’m trying to get into more of a routine so we’re not as tempted to eat out all the time. It’s hard and not too much fun, but necessary I know.

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  1. OK so I don’t get recessive genes much, either. So since Paul has darker hair, you can expect that your children will also have darker hair? Or what?

    Sorry to hear about the house and all its issues. That really, really sucks!! I hope you can figure out your housing situation without you having to pull out all of your lovely red hair.

    Enjoy your Dave + childbirth classes! Wouldn’t it be entertaining if they merged the two classes? Lololol

    Don’t be afraid of childbirth. You can do this. I have total confidence in you! It hurts, yes, and your body goes through stuff you never thought possible, but it’s also pretty cool.

    I’m looking forward to doing it again! And I thought the same thing as soon as I pushed out the placenta last time, no joke!

    I’ve said it before (I think) but I’ll say it again — I wish I could do a few contractions on your behalf.

  2. Well from my understanding (I’m going off my 10th & 12th grade biology class knowledge here) is that red hair is a recessive gene. Therefore, both parents have to carry it in order for the children to have it. I obviously carry it, but it is doubtful that Paul carries it looking at his family. Our kids are probably all going to be brown-haired, though I am curious at how dark their hair will be, and at how dark their skin will be. :-)

  3. Genes are interesting,…My husband is part japanese. His siblings are all dark haired and dark eyed. He’s dark haired with hazel eyes. His Dad has brown hair and brown eyes and his mom is the same. Ok, so get this. I’m blonde with green eyes….we have one son with blonde hair and green eyes and the other with blonde (VERY BLONDE) hair and blue eyes….HOW did that happen?! LOL I’m SO curious to see what this baby looks like (I’m hoping to know this weekend!) Not only are the boys light haired and eyed…they are also fair! LOL

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