this weekend!

this weekend!

I have been itching to go camping, ever since the weather started getting nice again. I know that my camping will be limited this year to mostly only April and May – we’ll have to play it by ear whether I’ll be up for camping past then, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up! (I’m SUPER disappointed about that, actually. I mean, happy about Sparkleberry’s arrival, but would have preferred NOT to be in my 3rd trimester during the summer. :-))

We had a few days of really beautiful spring weather, and then since then it’s been pretty much rainy. It’s like we’re in California! It’s not COLD persay, but it’s cool enough to not feel like spring. I know all the rain has been a blessing for allergy sufferers – I haven’t seen as much pollen on my car. Also, Lake Lanier is only 10 feet below normal level which is a major improvement over last year. But…. I’m getting tired of the rain. :-)

The weathermen predicted a nice weekend (mid-70s) this weekend, and then we’re going to hit another cold spell next week (high of 48 on Tuesday). (I’m NOT used to temps that cold in April!) So, Paul and I decided to take a chance and go camping!

Apparently the rest of Atlanta thought so too. All the campgrounds we checked were booked – we really should have thought of this earlier! We were trying to head south where the nighttime temps were a bit warmer, but to no avail. Some of the mountain campgrounds were just getting too cold at night. We finally found one and made a reservation! We leave today as soon as Paul gets off work. Yay!

I checked my guidebook last night to read up on the campsite, and found out why it had availability. It’s on a lake, and the lake is still under normal water level so a lot of the docks are closed, and the beach is closed. Apparently, the only thing to do there is related to the water: boating, fishing, skiing, swimming, etc. However, we’re excited because it’s a place we haven’t been before and we get to go CAMPING! :-) Yay! We normally like to go places where there is hiking, but this is good because I won’t be tempted to do more than I’m physically able right now.

Since we decided this last minute, I have spent the morning busily getting ready for our trip. (Errr… actually I’m been busy thinking about getting ready. ;-)) It’s going to be chilly so I’m trying to make sure we bring enough clothes to stay warm. I’ve found this post really helpful, as I try to remember the routine. (It’s been 6 months!) Also, a new challenge is finding warm clothes that still fit me. At least I don’t have to worry about looking nice! And sweaters are nice and bulky. :-)

Okay I probably should get off the computer and finish my list. I’m working on food right now… I’m thinking hamburger packets sound muy excelente right now!

Anyone else planning on some fun camping trips this summer?

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