mostly about laundry and decluttering

mostly about laundry and decluttering

I think the advent of Twitter has affected my blogging. Short, 140 character one-liners are much easier than long paragraphs in my blog. And, I can update from my Blackberry. I don’t want to stop blogging, though. :-( So I hope I can get back into the habit of daily posts. I have all sorts of ideas, but they turn into long posts in my head and I get lazy or just run out of time.

Anyways… can’t think of a good segue so on to my next topic: laundry! :-) Yesterday our old stackable washer/dryer was picked up and taken to a good home. A single mother had a need, and I was happy to fill it. She said she had a friend who fixed washer/dryers, so I hope she’s able to get the dryer working. She just had a baby, and I know she’s probably so relieved not to have to trudge to the laundromat anymore. This morning, the store delivered our new washer and dryer! I have spent the afternoon doing laundry. :-) It’s snazzy! I am so excited to be able to throw a load in while I’m doing other things, and not have to worry about if I have enough quarters (it takes 10 quarters to dry a load of laundry). I know anyone who has dealt with a laundromat can understand my excitement. :-)

Going from a stackable to a side-by-side affected the rest of our laundry room, namely the junk we had been keeping in there. We had gotten an awesome table from Ikea a while ago that we used in the kitchen at our last apartment. It is in great shape and we really like it, but have *no* room here. I was hanging onto it fiercely, but we just could not find a place to fit it. I really didn’t want that table to make our apartment feel more cluttered, and I knew that in 6 months we’ll be fitting enough stuff in as we add a third member to our family. So, on Craigslist it went. It makes me a little sad, but it’s only stuff, right?

I feel like the past three months I’ve pretty much just hidden under a rock and am just now emerging. The apartment is a wreck. Anyone will tell you that if you live in a small place, you have to keep it tidy because it just looks cluttered when things are out of place. (That’s true about big places too, but it doesn’t happen as fast.) I have let paperwork pile high, things I’m intending to sell are sitting in corners waiting for pictures to be taken and Craigslist posts to be written. I am eager to get some of that cleaned up, but I’m overwhelmed at where to start. Or, I’m just too lazy to do what I need to do.

Going back to laundry… I think it will really help the cluttered look to get this stuff washed and put away! I also recently went through my closet and took out all the clothes that are too small for me. As soon as it stops being cold, I will do another sweep and remove the rest of the winter clothes that are too small but I insist on wearing them anyways because I need clothes for work. Ahh… I love the feeling I get when I declutter! I just wish I was more motivated to do it more often. ;-)

I can’t believe how fast today went, and that it’s after 6 already. Perhaps I can devote the evening to starting the task of reorganizing my filing cabinet. Once those papers get put away, that will also help tremendously in fixing the clutter! I should move my filing cabinet in front of the TV so I can watch some Gilmore Girls. That sounds nice. :-) (And Paul, upon hearing this, immediately hides the Gilmore Girls DVDs…)

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