I'm so excited! laundry!

I'm so excited! laundry!

Last weekend I went out of town, and packed my last three clean shirts. I looked at the overflowing laundry baskets in our room and thought, “We desperately need to buy that washer and dryer!” We had the money set aside for it; I just stalled because I didn’t know how to go about looking for one.

I can get a discount on a lot of things, including some appliances, through my company, but as the economy has decreased so has the discount. Our plan before had been to just purchase something through them, but as I compared prices I realized that it wasn’t necessarily cheaper than going the traditional way.

We decided to spring for the energy-efficient washer and dryer, since we knew it would be a cost savings for the future. Also – something else that really appealed to me – front-loaders can be stacked, and as long as we are in apartments it’s *really* nice to have that option!

Tonight, Paul and I *finally* decided to go look at washers and dryers in stores. We had a budget in mind, knowing what we could get through my company, and a list of features we wanted. We went to three different stores and ended up finding an out-of-box deal that was better than anything else we found! After we bought it and arranged for delivery this weekend, I said to Paul, “I’m so excited to do laundry!” He laughed at me.

In the meantime, our current washer and dryer (with the broken dryer) is being *given away* so if you’re interested let me know. The catch is you have to come pick it up. :-)

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