In October, I quit working at my job. My boss and coworkers were very sad to see me go, so I told them I would be willing to come in and help on a temporary basis if the work got too much or if someone was out of town. To me, this way I still had the flexibility and control that I craved from being a full-time SAHW, while still taking advantage of opportunities to use my skills and degree when the need arose.

Today, I received a call asking if I could come in for 2 weeks starting Thursday. I said yes, so for the next few weeks I suppose I will more scarce online! I’m very sad that my BlackBerry died after me only it for 4 months… I think I’ll beg Paul to switch phones for two weeks. (Can I say – I’m addicted to having internet access? :-))

Today, I sold a portable heater on Craigslist. I posted it on Saturday night, and got nary a nibble. Then yesterday the temps dropped and we got some wintry mix (snow, though it was too warm for it to stick). Suddenly, I got 6 emails asking about the heater! Hehe :-) I was glad to get it out of my house. I have a bunch of other things I need to get out of here. I feel like our apartment is so cluttered!

On the list of things to sell is Paul’s car. This should help financially, with insurance, etc. I’ve never sold a car before, though. Any advice? It’s not worth much… only about $1,000 at the most. We just recently had it washed and waxed, and we also got the oil changed and all of the fluids checked. I suppose we need to find the title… what legal paperwork do you need to sell a car? (Can you tell I’m always afraid of doing something wrong??)

By the way, I put the seller’s response to my PayPal dispute in the comments of the previous post. I’ll keep y’all updated.

One other thing… we finally got a vacuum cleaner! Our other one died and so when we moved we just left it in the dumpster of our old apartment. We took advantage of a Black Friday sale and got one for a good price. It’s PURPLE and SPARKLY and the box had a picture of a BEAGLE and a KITTY on it! I think it was made for me! :-) So far it seems to work well, but I haven’t tackled the whole apartment yet.

Well I have to get to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow, as it is my last at-home day until Christmas!

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