off we go!!

off we go!!

I found out Friday evening that Paul was given next week off from work! Paul had put in for the vacation and his boss said with being so close to the elections he wouldn’t be able to take any time off. So the trip we thought was canceled is now taking place, and we are hurriedly trying to pack!! We’ll be in Savannah until Thursday.

A week ago, I accidentally dropped my Blackberry in water for like 5 seconds, and unfortunately it’s mostly dead now. We took it to a place that fixes cell phones, and they were unable to fix it. :-( I’m really depressed about it! I have really missed my Blackberry a lot, and I’ll miss it especially when we’re on this trip.

Oh and my parents came last week! They left yesterday. It was fun to see them. I was pretty sick with a cold on Monday-Thursday, which sucked, but I’m feeling better now. My leg is also feeling better though not 100%.

That’s all the updates for now, I need to get the car packed!

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