the sound of silence

the sound of silence

So, we’re all moved! And of course the most important part: the computer is hooked up and I can get online. ;-)

My sister, who came down for the weekend, just left to return to North Carolina. Paul is out playing football with the guys, and it’s just me and the kitties left in the apartment. The kitties spent the weekend at the kennel and were just brought home about two hours ago, and so they are still exploring. It’s so quiet now after a really loud and busy weekend.

I really like our new apartment, despite the fact that it’s much smaller than our other one (900 sq ft versus 1500). It’s much brighter, and newer so overall nicer! It has an actual laundry ROOM which is so nice. The bathroom is HUGE and not carpeted at all!! The big problem right now is where we’re going to put everything??? I thought I’d done a good job about condensing but not good enough. Our trouble area is boxes and boxes of papers and “memory” stuff, that we don’t want to get rid of but don’t know what to do with. It’s such a problem! :-/

The big adventure of the weekend was finding gas! As most of you know, the southeast is experience this “gas crisis” from Hurricane Ike. I’d say about 85-90% of gas stations we pass are closed due to not having gas. The stations that do have gas are open but have really long lines. And by really long – I mean, lines going out into the road quite a ways. It’s really frustrating. :-( Part of the problem is that people are freaking out and topping off their tanks every day. We were saying that what they should do is have a $30 minimum or something so that people only fill up when they actually need gas. But I can understand the panic you feel when your tank is getting lower and you don’t know that you’ll be able to fill up. :-(

I heard on the radio that Monday we were supposed to be getting gas, but I don’t know if that’s reliable information or not. Let’s hope so! Between Paul and I we have enough in our cars to last through the week so let’s pray that things are better next weekend!!

We rented a 16 foot truck to move, and last night we had to fill it up before returning it to the truck rental place. Paul left around midnight to go find gas, and was going to call me when he got it and returned the truck so I could go pick him up. We thought being so late it would avoid those long lines. Keep in mind that we both had an entire day of heavy moving, so we were already exhausted! Anyways, I feel asleep and was woken up at 2:30am by a very tired husband who finally had gotten gas! Yes that’s right, it took him 2 1/2 hours to find and wait in line to fill up! When I picked him up at 3am I saw that the gas station still had long lines extending out into the road. We decided it would have been worth the $30 fine to return the truck without filling up the gas tank.

Anyways, I want to post pictures but I haven’t taken any yet! I’m actually not sure where my camera is at this point… I’m sure it’s around here somewhere. :-p I am going to do some more unpacking while the house is quiet before Paul gets home. I don’t think I will feel comfortable and “at home” here until things get put away.

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