as promised: pictures!

as promised: pictures!

So finally I got all my pictures from New England uploaded to Flickr! It took forever, but they’re there. I’ll include a few highlights then some links so you can see more if you’re interested. :-) (By the way, you can download the original size from Flickr if you ever want to turn any of my pictures into prints… Though I would ask that you always give me the credit as the photographer. :-))

First, here are the three albums from my trip:
* Various pictures from Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
* Nathan and Sarah’s wedding
* An evening with Isaac, Katie, Jesse, Catherine, Jeremiah, and Paul at Horseneck Beach

From the first album:
I got to meet 2 month old Hans; he was really cute! I also got to visit with his mother for a while, which was very nice.
Sleeping Hans

I also met (for the third time) Katherine, who is absolutely adorable at almost-two. (I visited with her mother too!)

One thing that fascinates me about New England is their style of houses. Obviously some look the same, but I had never seen anything like the tenement houses they have. I tried to take a lot of pictures this trip of New Bedford and surrounding area to capture this. If you’re not sure what a tenement is, here is a picture of one. Paul’s parents have the entire third floor:
Paul's parents' house

Check out the rest of the album here.

Nathan and Sarah’s wedding was beautiful; I’m so glad we went! I thought the foot-washing part of the ceremony was really special:
Nathan washes Sarah's feet

They told us that they liked our method of leaving the church after our wedding so much that they decided to copy it for themselves.

You can see all the pictures from Sarah’s wedding and reception here.

We ended the day with a nice evening at Horseneck Beach with Isaac and company. Paul had taken me over there my very first visit to New England in 2002, and it was fun to go back. I got some great pictures while there.

We got to meet Katie, Isaac’s girlfriend, for the first time:
Hi, Katie!

I saw the fattest seagulls!
Seagull tracks

And had fun being artistic.
Footprints in the sand

Paul and I had fun walking along the beach.

The clouds were incredible. (Seriously. See all my sky pictures here!)
Clouds in the sky

Amazing clouds

You can’t go wrong with sunset-over-beach pictures.
Sunset on the beach

I used the sunset to my advantage when Isaac was standing on a hill playing guitar.

Isaac and Jeremiah

Isaac pulls out his guitar

You can see all my Horseneck Beach pictures here.

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