Gerig Reunion 08!

Gerig Reunion 08!

We got back late Sunday night from a wonderful weekend in Indiana, attending our second annual Gerig Hall Reunion! It was an amazing weekend, full of laughter, relaxation, encouragement, and all around pleasantness being with people we love and don’t get to see very often!

And this trip didn’t end with a puppy running away. (We missed you, Jera!)

I’ve been pleased with the positive response I’ve gotten from our Taylor friends, about getting together every summer. We had 16 adults, 2 kids, and 1 dog show up, which was a really good turnout! I am excited for future years. As I said a bajillion times this weekend, my family drove up to Indiana every summer before we moved to Peru to have a “get-together” with my dad’s Taylor friends. Those other families have meant a lot to me over the years, with love and prayer as I grew up, support when I was at Taylor myself, and even officiating my wedding two years ago! I really appreciate those memories, and I want to build that with my children as well! Hence my reasons for planning and organizing these annual events. Besides, I’m selfish – I want to see everyone, and I only want to make one trip up to Indiana. ;-)

Anyways, a few pictures! You can see all of them on my Flickr account here. And look forward to next summer! Same place, mid-July-ish! Be there!

The Gang
(Picture provided by Joanna@KeepingFeet)
The whole gang
Back (l-r): Brent, Sara, Anna, Frankie, me, Paul, Emily, Joanna, Olivia, Josh, Ann, David
Front: Jason, Michelle, Corinne, Beth, Benjamin, Josh


David and Ann


Action shot!



See the rest of the pictures here.

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