summer olympics

summer olympics

So I’m really, really frustrated right now. I sat down tonight to watch the Olympics – it’s the first chance I’ve had all week and I was hoping to get some highlights of the opening ceremonies, the swimming, the gymnastics, and any other sport that is interesting.

I went to and clicked on “video”. I entered my information – zip code, and antenna broadcast. Then I try to watch, and it tells me I’m not eligible. I have to subscribe to one of their partner cable services to watch the Olympics. Wha-?? If I subscribed to the service then I wouldn’t need to watch it online! (I don’t get NBC via the antenna.) The really ironic thing is that Paul works for Turner Broadcasting (one of their partners) and I (basically) work for NBC! Don’t we get any sort of perks? Guess not.

DirecPath, you’re a terrible company!

(I’m hoping they find my blog and repent of their evil ways and give me free cable. Since they are not worth paying for. But I doubt that will happen.)

This just makes me want to cry. And I want to not care. But I hate that EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE OLYMPICS. Every time I turn on the radio, that’s what they’re saying. My coworkers are talking about it. I’m such an Olympics girl – I’ve never missed one! I LOVE the Olympics!

Y’all, I am so fed up with my apartment it’s not funny. I’m so tired of living in a dark, smelly cave. I’m tired of having everything break and no one will do anything about it. And now we have ants all over our kitchen! (Did I mention that?) I’m tired of having to deal with this on top of everything else. I just want to get with a competent cable company, or in a place where I can get antenna reception (I don’t NEED cable! I just want broadcast tv! Is it so hard??) I want LIGHT to shine in my apartment during the day! I want walls that make 90 degree angles! I want a bedroom that isn’t next to my neighbors air conditioner that squeaks loudly all night! I want a bathroom that doesn’t stink! I want carpets that aren’t bumpy when you walk on them! I want a full-size oven and a stove that isn’t a fire hazard! I want a bathroom that doesn’t have carpet! I want a bathroom door for the master bath so I can have some privacy!

This is one reason why I want my own place – if I’m going to put up with all the CRAP that comes with housing, then I’d rather it be MY home and not have to deal with someone else’s equity and incompetence at dealing with things.

I’m sorry y’all. I am so emotional right now – work is stressing me out to the nth degree. I’m still playing catch up from being out two days last weekend, and trying to get ahead at the same time because I’m going to be out this weekend. I won’t say any more about that here, but let’s just say it isn’t the most fun task but a necessary one that is taking 100% of my time these days. On top of that, there are lots of other things to think about and plan and deal with and I am just sooo stressed.

All I want to do is sit down and watch some Olympics. Is that too much for a girl to ask? Apparently so.

I really really want to move come October, whether we get the apartment ministry position or not. (Interview on the 25th about that!)

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