A few things:

AJ and Molly aren’t coming. :-( Oh well! I was looking forward to seeing them, but it’s also somewhat of a relief to me to not have to worry about that. (Y’all aren’t off the hook! You still need to come up and see my apartment! :-)) I am still brainstorming about the carpets, but at least I don’t have to take care of it this weekend. I’m thinking of renting a dehumidifier too. A few weeks ago, our upstairs neighbor’s air conditioner leaked and flooded the hallway of our apartment. That is when the smell started getting bad, so I think all the moisture from that (it took the office a week to fix it! grrr apartments) contributed to the humidity in our apartment. So my logical conclusion is that if we could run a dehumidifier then perhaps it will take the edge off and we’ll be able to get the humidity back under control. I also think it would be useful to rent a carpet cleaner, and get down deeper than our vacuum cleaner can get. Another idea: buying a carpet cleaner. I could see using it a lot, since this will be the second time we have had to rent a carpet cleaner in between our annual apartment cleaning of the carpets.

I ended up not getting my wisdom tooth out. When I called and made the appointment, I was under the impression that they could extract the wisdom tooth and fill the other cavity at the same time. However, since they were on two sides of my mouth, they didn’t want to numb both sides, and they only had me marked down for a filling. I am somewhat relieved, but praying that it doesn’t bother me. The earliest I can get it taken care of is after Labor Day (we’re headed into our busiest part of the summer, y’all!). I am still really scared about that. :-(

And, three weeks from Saturday is the Gerig Reunion!! Are y’all excited? I am. :-) I am going to send everyone a reminder message this weekend hopefully. I even got a map and have marked it up with where in the park we will be! Hopefully things will go smoothly.

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