heavenly sheets and chewing gum

heavenly sheets and chewing gum

For our wedding, we received two sets of sheets. One set was the same pattern as our bedspread and it’s what we have been using. The other set was a plain white 600 thread count set that we have never used. These past almost-two years, I dutifully have been washing the first set and putting it back on the bed. Part of me was scared to use the expensive sheets, mostly because I was afraid of messing them up somehow. (Plain white things scare me in that respect.)

Last night I was doing laundry, but didn’t get the sheets dry before we wanted to go to bed. So I pulled out the nice set and put it on the bed.

Let me tell you, 600 thread-count sheets are heavenly. I crawled into bed and did not want to get out again (that’s why I was late to work this morning). I can’t believe they make such a difference. They are so soft and luxurious… Uh oh, I’m getting spoiled!

Speaking of products I like… The other day I decided to try that new 5 gum that I’ve seen advertised on TV. A friend of mine had said that she loved it, and I wanted to see what it was all about. I love chewing gum – it keeps me from snacking when I get bored.

Let me say, it’s a nice change to spit out gum only because your mouth is tired of chewing and not because the flavor has dissipated or the gum has gotten hard. This stuff is great! I can’t believe how long it lasts, and it blows the biggest bubbles.

(*Side note: I’m a habitual bubble-blower. I don’t even notice I’m doing it. I can’t chew gum and not blow bubbles. Once, when I was singing in the choir at our church, I was told after the service that I had been blowing bubbles the whole time I was up there. Oops. :-))

I was so excited about my 5 gum, but unfortunately I lost my pack somewhere at church last Sunday. :-( I’m very disappointed about that. I only got to try 2 pieces! Well I’ll definitely be buying more. :-) And hopefully whoever found my abandoned package of gum is enjoying it right now too.

There you go. My unsolicited review of chewing gum. Mmm.

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